We require your assistance to stop demand for illegal wildlife parts and products. Pledge to prevent wildlife crime and also commit to keeping nature's beauty because that future generations.

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We’ve all checked out photographs that majestic elephants sporting long, off-white tusks on either next of your trunks. This cream color is both beautiful ~ above the animals and essential to the species’ survival. Yet what precisely is it?Ivory tusks space actually massive teeth that protrude well past the mouths of elephants. Favor our own teeth—and those of countless mammals—these tusks are deeply rooted. Lot of the tusk is comprised of dentine, a hard, dense, bony tissue. And also the whole tusk is covering in enamel, the hardest animal tissue and also the part of the tusk that manages the most wear and tear.Why do elephants have ivory tusks?Elephant tusks progressed from teeth, offering the types an evolutionary advantage. They offer a selection of purposes: digging, lifting objects, collection food, stripping bark from trees to eat, and defense. The tusks likewise protect the trunk—another valuable tool for drinking, breathing, and eating, among other uses.Just as human beings are left or ideal handed, elephants, too, space left tusked or appropriate tusked. The dominant tusk is usually much more worn down from regular use.Both male and female african elephants have tusks, while just male asian elephants, and only a particular percentage that males today, have tusks.Why is taking cream color tusks from elephants illegal?Behind every piece of ivory—whether it it is in a complete tusk or sculpted trinket—is a dead elephant. Poachers kill about 20,000 elephants every solitary year for their tusks, which room then traded illegally in the international industry to eventually end up as cream color trinkets. This profession is mainly driven by demand for ivory in parts of Asia.WWF is in ~ the forefront of efforts to galvanize governments and the public to stop wildlife crime v a global campaign to use the toughness of our an international network, our influence with partners and governments, and also the passion of our supporters.We"recalling on all governments—and specifically those the demand countries such together China, Vietnam, Thailand and the unified States—to strengthen regulation enforcement, invest in more boots ~ above the ground and also commit to long-term elephant ivory demand reduction efforts.What can we do to prevent wildlife crime?Elephants, and also animals such together tigers and rhinos, confront the risk of poaching for their parts. We need your assistance to stop need for illegal wildlife parts and also products. Pledge to avoid wildlife crime and also commit to keeping nature’s beauty for generations.

NOTE: This story refers specifically to elephant ivory. When many civilization outside the Arctic regularly associate cream color with elephants, the ax is likewise used because that items the come from other species, and has different stipulations. Learn more.

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