If you view a familiar confront from 1970s TV about town over the following week or two, you’re not hallucinating: actor Ted Lange, aka “Isaac, her Bartender” indigenous the display “The Love Boat,” is in city preparing his latest production for the nationwide Black Theatre Festival.

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Lange is directing “Twelfth Night: Or, What you Will, Mon,” a playful adaptation of wilhelm Shakespeare that will certainly be performed for totally free during the festival next month, with three showings Aug. 1-3 in ~ Winston Square Park. The festival operation July 29 with Aug. 3.

Lange, 71, has actually been a fixture in ~ the NBTF since the an extremely beginning, appearing in the 1989 production of “Willie & Esther.” because then he has been earlier to practically every NBTF, he said, very first as an actor and also later writing and also directing a range of plays.

For the first few years after ~ “The Love Boat” went turn off the air in 1986, Lange resisted being known for his function as Isaac. Yet by the 1990s, he learned to accept his location in pop culture, specifically after seeing just how much it expected to people.

“It’s irradiate comedy, the romantic, the an ode come falling in love,” the said. “Who doesn’t desire to autumn in love? It’s obtained a light touch. It’s Cary Grant-style comedy.”

Looking earlier on his stint on the show, i beg your pardon aired native 1977 to 1986, “We had a good time, ns made a lot of money, came to be famous and also made a lot of of good friends.”

Lange has been fascinated with adapting Shakespeare because he was 13 and also in junior high institution in Oakland, Calif., when a teacher proved him the potential that reinventing the Bard’s functions to reach brand-new audiences. For “Twelfth Night,” that is maintaining the text and its iambic pentameter intact but turning the island setting of Illyria right into a Jamaican-style island through reggae music — choose “No mrs No Cry,” “Is This Love,” “Red Red Wine” and also “3 tiny Birds” — included into the score.

“They all fit come the plot, which is wonderful,” Lange said. “So far, the cast goes right along with me. They watch the point that we’re doing, and also they love it.”

Other Shakespeare-inspired performances he has actually directed include “Richard III” and a prequel come “Othello” that was part of the 2017 NBTF. He said that his compatriots in the theater ar have nicknamed the “The Brown Bard,” a moniker he enjoys.

Lange keeps in touch through his old “Love Boat” cast mates, consisting of Gavin MacLeod, Bernie Kopell, Jill Whelan, and Lauren Tewes.

He and also Fred Grandy, that played Gopher and now stays in the Charlotte area, recently performed together in the pat “I’m not Rappaport,” about two elderly guys who spend their days talking on a bench in main Park. Lange and also Grandy expect to reunite in the close to future and take the display off-Broadway.

And Princess Cruises, the cruise line featured ~ above the show, has actually a channel on its ships the streams reruns of old illustration of the show, Lange said.

The line additionally serves a cocktail Lange developed called “The Isaac.” the calls because that 2 ounces of white rum, 2 ounces that pomegranate syrup, a half-ounce of new lime juice, a splash of society soda, lime slices and also pineapple-leaf spears.

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