This has been bugging me, and several friends. It"s a common phrase, lately much used for ironic effect as in "Chaos, Panic, Disorder. My work here is done." (and who originated *that?). It"s so common it seems almost to have passed into the language. But from WHERE? It sounds like something from a Western. I"ve guessed at the Lone Ranger, but I can"t confirm it. PLEASE - does anyone know who originally said "My work here is done" as a sort of tagline or catchphrase? And are there any other "famous" uses of it? (i.e. in film scripts - one of my friends suggested that Bill Murray may have said it in Ghostbusters, but this proved not to be the case...) Thanks in advance. H.

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The Mr. Bean movie? Milton"s Paradise Lost? A Warner Bros. cartoon? A Mel Brooks movie? Damn Yankees? Or and a big OR Bart Simpson?

It was my boy. A mere six days of honest work he did in his life when stepped back and said "my work here is done." Then he settled down on the couch with a cosmicpolitan, propped his feet up on the coffee table, hit the "ON" button on the remote control, and sat back to see what would happen next. He was such a promising lad, too. *sigh* Now he sits around getting flabby and waiting for the tithes to come rolling in, living his life in memories of the good-ol"-days, back when he still had a reputation as a shaker and mover. Kids. Humph. You never know how they"re gonna turn out.

Don"t know if this is where it started, but I hear it at the end of an advert in the U.S. for Sprint PCS (the "other" cell phone system), said by a guy in a black trenchcoat. You"re right, though -- seems almost ubiquitous lately.


According to my "Oxford Dictionary of Quotations", it was penned by that famous wordsmith "Anonymous", and comes from a blacksmith"s gravestone dated 1746. My sledge and anvil lie declined My bellows too have lost their wind My fire"s extinct, my forge decayed, And in the dust my vice is laid My coals are spent, my iron"s gone My nails are drove, my work is done. OK, it"s not quite "My work here is done", but this sort of thing is often adapted / misquoted and the change lives on.

It sounds a bit superhero-y to me, don"t we have any comic book nerds around here to go with all the computer k

Was it Jesus? I know he is quoted as saying "It is finished" just before he died (tempararily, of course ) - so maybe that"s been paraphrased...

I just did some googling and I am pretty sure it was Mary Poppins


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I agree that they are totally different things. Will you be going to your local video library for that Gnomon, or is it one you happen to have lying about the house k

>"Chaos, Panic, Disorder. My work here is done." (and who originated *that?).I"ll claim that one on behalf of Spikey, King of the Goblins (U148884), infrequent user of this site, whose been signing his e-mail;s like that for several years now. I will e-mail and ask him the origin, if it"s not original...