Laura Clementsen that Cheshire writes come say she"s surprised by a common usage in engagement announcements.

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Instead of start with the classic "Mr. And also Mrs. Man Smith notice the engagement of their daughter Pocahontas," countless such proclamations currently list the first names of both the husband and also wife, e.g. "Mr. And Mrs. John and also Jane smith announce . . ."

"What"s going on?" Clementsen writes. "Is this an appropriate "new" form?"

This consumption startled me too. As soon as I was farming up, mine parents constantly told me to monitor "Mr. And also Mrs." v the husband"s very first and last names, and also to refer to a married woman together "Mrs." adhered to by the husband"s surname or names.

I deserve to still remember my mother"s correcting me for addressing a letter to my aunt v "Mrs. Blanche Bickelhaupt," instead of "Mrs. DeForrest Bickelhaupt," providing me no credit transaction whatsoever for spelling both "DeForrest" and also "Bickelhaupt" correctly.

So is it agree to write, "Mr. And also Mrs. John and Jane Smith"?

It all depends on how formal you want to be. In the new edition of miss Manners" guide to Excruciatingly exactly Behavior, for instance, etiquette columnist Judith boy name insists the "Mr. And also Mrs." constantly be adhered to by the husband"s first and last name, never ever the wife"s first name.

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She additionally decrees that Mrs. Never be adhered to by the wife"s very first name; it"s "Mrs. John Smith," never ever "Mrs. Woman Smith." She"s donate up ~ above this by the American Heritage guide to modern Usage and also Style, which says that "Mrs." must be provided "when a woman is addressed utilizing her husband"s name."

While I"m wake up to recognize impediments to the marital relationship of true minds favor these, various other authorities perform endorse the use of "Mrs." prior to a woman"s name. The second meaning of "Mrs." noted by the American legacy Dictionary, because that instance, is "a courtesy title for a married, widowed, or divorced woman prior to her own surname or full name: "Mrs. Doe; Mrs. Jane Doe.""

So this is important a instance of marital "no men" clature. Unless you"re search formality, you deserve to use "Mrs." v no guys involved: "Mrs. Jane Smith," or (sneaking the man in) "Mr. And also Mrs. John and Jane Smith." yet in formal situations, it"s still a man"s world and also word: "Mr. And also Mrs. John Smith."

Ah, men!

Rob Kyff is a teacher and also writer in West Hartford. Write to the in care of The, attributes Department, 285 wide St., Hartford, CT 06115.

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