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operation INSTRUCTIONS FORFOOMODEL FOR organization OR QUESTIONS contact l-800-672-6333FOR family members USE ONLY

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important SAFEGUARDS as soon as using all electrical appliance, simple safety precautions should always be adhered to to alleviate the threat of fire, electric shock, injury come persons, includ- ing the following: 1. Check out all instructions prior to using the machine. 2. Carry out not touch warm surfaces. Usage handles or knobs. 3. Come protect versus electrical shock, execute not immerse cord, plugs, or basic in water or various other liquid. 4. Near supervision is essential when any appliance is offered by or close to children. 5. Unplug fro

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distinct CORD set INSTRUCTIONS 1. A brief power it is provided cord is provided to mitigate the risks resulting from coming to be entangled in, or tripping end a much longer cord. 2. An expansion cord may be purchased and also used if treatment exercised in its use. 3. If an extension cord is used, the significant electrical rating the the extension cord should be at least 10 amps and also 120 volts. The resulting expanded cord need to be i ordered it so that will not drape end the respond to top or table peak where it have the right to be traction on by chi

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Warnings: The complying with safety practices have to be complied with to avoid food-borne illnesses. This is the situation with any type of food-handling product and also does no to all foods, fresh and dried. ! extensively wash hand before beginning to occupational with food, and also wash again every time lock touch anything other than food, before resuming work. ! Scrub and sanitize trays and lid of dehydrator in between uses. ! Clean every kitchen tools thoroughly after each use. Use warm water and also detergent. Further suggested ! use

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advent Congratulations, your room the owner the The Food by Mr. Coffee This instruction publication will introduce you to an easy and easy ways to keep vegetables, fruits, and also meats. You can make nutritious snacks while conserving money on groceries. Herbs, flowers and potpourri be made through the at a fraction of the cost of store-bought goods. Please check out of the indict in this booklet carefully prior to you be in to use this appliance. Proper care and maintenance will ensure long life o this a

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operating Instructions ! before using The Food Dehydrator by Mr. Coffee for the an initial time, wash the trays and also cover in warm, soapy water and rinse well. Trays can be wash on the peak rack that a dishwasher only. ! just plug in The Food Dehydrator. Push the ON/OFF move ON. The irradiate on the switch will certainly illuminate to indicate that the unit is operating. ! as soon as drying is complete, revolve the switch to OFF, and also unplug unit. ! when using the Fruit roll tray, constantly place on the peak tray. ! Make certain

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Genera/ around Drying foodstuffs Why usage a Food Dehydrator? cost Saving money is a significant benefit of drying foods. Home-dried foods items can be made at a fraction of the price that you will pay in ~ the supermarket. Purchase produce and also meats ~ above special, or farming your own in the summer is a good way come make your food disagreement stretch further. Good TASTE as soon as water is gotten rid of from fruits and vegetables, the natural flavor is concen- trated into chewy, healthy and balanced snacks. STORAGE as soon as the water is removed from food

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Highlights Be sure to select fresh, ripe fruits and vegetables. Quality meats; herbs and flowers will aid insure good results. Clean develop thoroughly prior to using. Cut foods Slices the are around thick job-related the best. Foods can it is in sliced, shredded or diced. Reduced foods, then easily place to dry. Nothing overlap pieces on the trays, however, they might touch. Dry times are influenced by the humidity, thickness that slices and moisture contents of the foods. Keeping an excellent records will assist adapt dryin

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drying Fruits usage fruits that space fresh and ripe. Thrive your very own or select from a farmer’s industry to aid ensure top quality produce. High quality develop will generate high top quality results. As soon as you start handling fruits, work easily to stop spoilage. Ready Wash fruits thoroughly. Remove any type of blemishes or spoiled spots. Slice right into slices or one or in halves. A slicer or food processor will assist speed increase this step. PRETREATMENT (OPTIONAL) Pretreating fruit is optional. You perform not hav

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Water blanching is a process that helps break open waxy or hard skinned fruits. Examples of difficult skinned fruits are grapes, prunes, plums, cherries, some berries and figs. By breaking open the outside skin, quicker, an ext even drying will certainly result. Peeling fruit is a personal decision. Skin to add a much longer drying time, however, skin is a highly nutritious part of the fruit. Personal preference is the only means to decide about peeling. ACID-CITRIC acid These two acids help to protect against browning. Diss

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drying Vegetables choose vegetables that space fresh and also crisp together they will certainly yield the finest results. PREPARATION as with fruits, wash the vegetables and also remove any blemishes or spoiled spots. Cut into slices or wedges. PRETREATMENT (OPTIONAL) as with fruits, vegetables require not be pretreated to achieve great results. Listed below are numerous pretreating options. Pretreating does help retain color, expand shelf life and enhance nutritional value. Blanching Blanching deserve to be supplied to protect against the odor lo

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FRUIT and also VEGETABLE dry CHART Wash completely fruits and vegetables prior to preparation. Preparation DRYNESS TIME vegetable TEST to apologize Pare, core, slice right into rings. Pliable emboldened in pretreatment because that 2 minutes. Drain, kinds on tray to dry. 4-12 Artichokes Brittle reduced hearts right into strips. Boil minutes in a mixture that 1 TBSP. Lemon juice and also 1 cup water. Apricots dried in halves turned inside Pliable IO-36 the end or reduced into quarters. Dipping in pretreatment helps to retain color. Asparagus cut

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FRUIT/ preparation DRYNESS TIME vegetables TEST 4-15 Carrots slice or dice, steam until Leathery tender. 4-15 Separate right into florets. Cauliflower Leathery Dip right into mixture of 2 QTS. Water and also 3 TBSP. Salt for 2 minutes steam until tender. Celery Separate and also stalks. Brittle 4-12 cut stalks right into slices. Location both ~ above tray come dry. Remove leaves first they dried faster. C Pitting is optional. Stem Leathery 6-36 as soon as ready come use. Cut Sticky in half, turn inside out. Place skin side under on tray. Cho

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vegetable TEST (Hours Grapes eliminate stems: Water bathtub for’ Pliable (Raisins) lemon 4-24 mushroom to retain white color. I Nectarines 8-24 Okra pick young okra. Leathery trim pods, reduced into circles. Onions/Leeks remove tops, bottoms and skin. Cut slices or chunks. Usage cheesecloth to protect against falling through tray. Stir when drying. Oranges execute not peel. Cut in one 4-15 or slices. 2-4 Parsley Tear into small pieces. Chop Brittle when dried. Parsnips part or dice, steam until tender. L

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DRYNESS preparation TIME JEGETABLE check (Hrs) wear rubber gloves Peppers-Hot Leathery 4-16 if handling. Place totality on trays to dry. Remove cap. ‘Slice in Persimmons Pliable 6-24 one or slices. Eliminate core. Cut in slices, Pineapple Pliable/. Wedges or chunks. If Leathery canned, drain and also pat dry. Plums cut in half, remove pit. Pliable 6-24 4-16 Brittle No need to peel potatoes. Potatoes slice dice or grate, cut into steam until tender. Place. ~ above trays. Cook in water bath Pliable 1

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Meats and also Fish evaluation “Warnings” on page 3 for vital information. Meat or fish deserve to be dried using two different methods. Jerking meats, or handling prior cooking, returns tough, chewy but great tasting meat. The meats are soaked in a salt-based marinade, then dried. Dried meats and also fish room cooked before drying. Proper cooking have to kill bac- teria existing in life meats and also fish before drying. The dried meat and also fish prod- ucts can be provided for stews, sandwich spreads, or stroganoff. T

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Fish use fresh fish, cut into strips. Larger fish functions best. Effectively clean fish and keep cold before drying to help reduce spoiling. ‘Remove the bones and also cut into strips. Soak in a mixture that 1 quart water and cup salt and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Eliminate from liquid, pat dry. Place right into a level pan and sprinkle liberally through a salted seasoning mixture. Use at least 1 tablespoon salt every 2 pounds the fish. Cover and also refrigerate for about 6 hours. Then ar seasoned strips ~ above trays to d

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Herbs/Flowers/Potpourri correctly clean every herbs and flowers before drying. HERBS and SPICES nearly any herb can be provided for drying. These can be dried best on the stalk or stem. Eliminate the stems and leaves when these space dried. Labeling the herbs or spices before drying will assist make identification much much easier once dried. Place in plastic bags in the entirety form, then save in a cool, dry place. To like or rub leaves when ready come use. This help to keep the flavor intact. Make certain herbs ar

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Storage and Labeling pack Freezer bags through the zipper-type tops are great for save on computer dried foods. Place foodstuffs inside, squeeze the end as lot air as possible, climate seal shut. Sealed, vacuum bags can also be used. Vacuum sealing will extend the shelf life even longer. Glass jars the seal chop can likewise be used. STORAGE keep packaged foods items in a dry, dark place. Cooler is better. Keeping foodstuffs in a frozen fridge or freezer will certainly greatly prolong the shelf life. Light and also heat reason the deterior

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Dehydrated foods items are an excellent eaten dry, but they can additionally be rehydrated close to their original form. Dried foods items can it is in rehydrated by soaking lock in liquids such together water, fruit juices or stocks. Rehydrated are great in pies and sauces. Dried vegeta- bles deserve to be offered for stews or soups. Do not add salt or street to water, this will slow-moving down the rehydratfng process. Various techniques for rehydrating are outlined below. Choose the method that finest your needs. Fruit ! If utilizing cold water, soak in