Facts and photos of part truly exceptional wild animals. Some of the featured animals are endangered, if others space featured simply due to the fact that of your beauty. Regardless, they space all fabulous!

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Sometimes ns am blessed to discover a beautiful creature in my very own backyard. Such was the case with the Clymene Moth. He was such a lovely biology that ns simply had actually to take it his picture to share with the world.

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The black color cross he bears on his wings is nearly spiritually symbolic. It instantly reminded me the a crusaders cross. Perhaps an ext so due to the fact that the shape of the relaxing wings each other a shield.I felt i was being saw by an important messenger. His post may have actually been nothing more than a reminder come stop and also look in ~ the distinctive beauty around us, yet I feeling blessed.

Facts about the Clymene Moth

Scientific Name:
Haploa ClymeneClassification Tribe: Arctiini (Tiger Moths)Wingspan: 1 1/2 - 2 inchesLives in Deciduous Wooded areas / forest or close-byAdult Moth Life: at an early stage Spring to late Summer (My photo was taken in July)Mostly discovered in Eastern united States ranging from Florida every the means up to Quebec, Canada

Photos of the Clymene Moth by Sylvestermouse

Both Photos bring away July, 2015


Attract Moths to your Backyard

We all lure moths to our backyards by simply turning on a earlier porch light. However, if girlfriend would prefer to carry out a bit of moth-watching, there is a way to lure them once you desire their company. Oh, and also be certain you have your camera ready.

Recipe because that Moth Appeal

1 or 2 overripe bananas1 cup brown sugar6 ounces of stale beerStir the ingredients with each other until well-blended. Let heat at room temperature. It is actually best, however not necessary, if left for several days under a breathable cloth. (like a cake dough bread recipe)When ready, simply brush the mixture ~ above the stems of a tree and wait for her "friends" come arrive.

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Learn an ext about Moths

The Illustrated people Encyclopedia of Butterflies and Moths: A Natural history and to know GuideCheck Price

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