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lyrics & understanding Search DTForumSort (Forum) by:relevancedateDT Lyrics:ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ#All Subject: Folklore in "Miss Congeniality"?From: Bob ColtmanDate: 09 Aug 06 - 09:11 pm In the film miss Congeniality Gracie Hart (Sandra Bullock) half-sings a comical (and unforgettable) taunt: "You think I"m gorgeous... You desire to kiss me... You want to hug me... You want to love me... You want to smooch me..." Sure, maybe this was simply written because that the script, but it has actually the sound of a kids" street jibe. Question: could it be traditional? Anyone ever encounter anything prefer it in childhood? Bob post - top - house - printer Friendly - TranslateSubject: RE: Folklore in "Miss Congeniality"?From: AziziDate: 09 Aug 06 - 10:15 pm "Miss Congeniality". Ns love that movie!! as to your question, Bob, ns agree that the character claimed these indigenous in a taunting sing songy voice. i don"t recall hear or reading any chant through those precise words. However I"ve heard girl chant in a taunting means "Miss me. Miss out on me/Wouldn"t wanna kiss me." That"s the closest luck I have the right to think of to those the character in the movie said. However, ns would suggest that those words which in result tease a potential friend don"t have actually the same spirit as the challenging girl braggadocio text of many modern-day girl handclap rhymes & foot stoming cheers. In those rhymes & cheers the I have actually heard and accumulated , girl in that same age range that i cited over brag around their sexiness and also their toughness, however their indigenous are provided as though they are talking in general and also not to a certain male. Also, no one of the modern rhymes or cheers that i heard or collected say anything about the girl spring gorgeous. {looking sexy? yes, spring good? yes. Various other girls being u.g.l.y. Yes....but a description of what looking great means? no {except one cheer fragment that I have in i m sorry the girl says something around "I acquired hips top top me..." and also also, hugging is no what many of these types of rhymes and also chants speak about... That"s so....well, I"ll to speak "juvenile". For circumstances there"s one foot stomping cheer native the 1980s, Pittsburgh, PA referred to as "L.O.V.E" in i beg your pardon the soloist in the teams says "I was sittin by the fire/watchin it obtain higher/with my man/you understand I can"... and here"s a brief story: In 1999, throughout an after institution session on video game songs the I assisted in in Pittsburgh, a 5 year old girl finished her recitation that the "I Love Coffee/I Love Tea" handclap rhyme through this verse: "See that residence on the height of the hill That"s whereby me and also my boyfriend live do a little dance take it a small drink come on baby, let"s go to bed." -snip- together was often component of the experience, other girls & boys had actually joined in the girl"s recitation of that rhyme. Yet they showed up not to understand that end verse. The children sniggered, and also the 5 year old was standing in the prior of the team with this bewildered "why are they laughing" look on her face. And also my middle-classism/adult-in chargism kicked in and also I remembered speak something favor "T"m sure they were married"... Btw, it certainly seemed as though the remainder of the team didn"t know that verse. In the eight years the I"ve been formally conducting these video game song sessions and also other happiness collecting activities, I"ve actually just heard that "see that residence on the hill..." verse recited one other time by any type of other child. Both times the girl were five years old...and these were in widely separated afri American communities of Pittsburgh...and once I request them wherein they acquired those words from, both times the girls stated that their mother taught it come them. still Bob, all the to say, if i were a betting human being which I"m not I"d bet the farm that ns don"t own the those words you gained from the movie were created that movie and did not come directly from a children"s rhyme. yet I"d love to it is in proven wrong. ideal wishes, Azizi write-up - height - house - printer Friendly - TranslateSubject: RE: Folklore in "Miss Congeniality"?From: Joe OfferDate: 10 Aug 06 - 02:16 AM i loved that scene, Bob, and also yes, i wondered the same thing. -Joe- post - peak - home - printer Friendly - TranslateSubject: RE: Folklore in "Miss Congeniality"?From: katlaughingDate: 10 Aug 06 - 05:50 to be "Miss me. Miss out on me/Wouldn"t wanna kiss me." This to be quite typical in the Rocky hill West among mostly white and Hispanic girl from the at an early stage 1960"s on. Love the movie, too! post - height - home - printer Friendly - TranslateShare Thread:

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