The night has actually been long,The wound has actually been deep,The pit has actually been dark,And the walls have actually been steep.Under a dead blue skies on a remote beach,I was dragged by my braids just beyond your reach.Your hands were tied, her mouth was bound,You couldn"t even contact out mine name.You were helpless and also so was I,But unfortunately throughout historyYou"ve worn a argorial of shame.I say, the night has been long,The wound has actually been deep,The pit has actually been darkAnd the walls have actually been steep.But today, voices that old soul soundSpeak to us in words profound,Across the years, throughout the centuries,Across the oceans, and across the seas.They say, draw near to one another,Save your race.You have actually been paid for in a remote place,The old persons remind united state that slavery"s chainsHave paid because that our liberty again and also again.The night has been long,The pit has actually been deep,The night has been dark,And the walls have been steep.The hells we have lived through and live through still,Have sharpened our senses and also toughened our will.The night has actually been long.This morning ns look through your anguishRight down to your soul.I recognize that v each other we deserve to make ourself whole.I look v the posture and past your disguise,And check out your love for family in your large brown eyes.I say, clap hands and also let"s come together in this meeting ground,I say, clap hands and also let"s deal with each various other with love,I say, clap hands and also let us gain from the low roadway of indifference,Clap hands, let us come together and also reveal ours hearts,Let us come together and also revise our spirits,Let us come together and cleanse our souls,Clap hands, let"s leaving the preeningAnd stop impostering our very own history.Clap hands, speak to the spirits earlier from the ledge,Clap hands, let us invite joy into our conversation,Courtesy right into our bedrooms,Gentleness right into our kitchen,Care right into our nursery.The ancestors remind us, regardless of the background of painWe room a going-on human being who will rise again.And still us rise.

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- I frequently read the celebrated poets and smile no issue the theme or content. I"m smiling back at a mind the shares that is innermost emotions v me here.Simplicity in diction bring a clarity the points come Truth. Not the truths of facts and equations, yet the truth around who us are and what that represents, warts and also all. This is why Maya will always be a commemorated poet