1994 upper deck jordan rarely air #1 michael jordan: historic sales data space completed sales through a buyer and a seller agreeing top top a price.

Michael Jordan rarely Promo card Jordan Collectables

The 2003 michael jordan exquisite collection minimal logos basketball map is created by upper deck and will cost an ext than $100,000 in ~ high grades.

Michael jordan rare air cards value. 18, 2020, brand-new record prices have been set for michael jordans 1986 fleer #57 rookie card in psa 10. A rare michael jordan card offered for end $350,000. 1991 nike / mars blackmon michael jordan spike lee earth/mars 1988 #1 hof.

Numbered #mj the card has a michael jordan headshot at the optimal while his autograph is uncovered at the bottom. At the finish of 2020, his psa 10 rookies were offering for around $750k, boost of over 15x. 1990 chicago sports stars #1 michael jordan uer.

1994 top deck mj rarely air. 1997 upper deck michael jordan rare air. Top deck mj rare air.

1990 costacos brothers sports nba. Last name spelled jordon ~ above front. As soon as i wrote this in may, his psa 10 rookies were selling for $52,000.

The prices displayed are the lowest prices available for michael jordan te of prominence the critical time we updated. Rundown | checklist | teams | errors / sports | hall of famers |. Most notably, on might 20, 2020, a psa 10 example sold because that a document high that $99,630.

$1,076.91 + repertoire in one click + repertoire with details + wishlist + repertoire + wishlist; Michael jordan #j4 (decade the dominance) 3. Lew alcindor had actually a card.

So, i was clearly very wrong about the direction the jordan rookie map prices. The video game used patch is put in the center. 1990 austin cards nba paints (unlicensed) #2 michael jordan.

due to the fact that this entry was published on feb. (ap photo) believe it or not, jordans card isnt the most expensive card sold during a windy auction. Grades (click to display prices through grade) 7 8 8.5 9 10.

Michael jordan te of supremacy prices (basketball cards 1994 upper deck mj rare air) space updated day-to-day for every source noted above. His reduced graded rookies also increasing through a. Michael jordan (basketball card) 1994 upper deck michael jordan rarely air tribute set #3.

Michael jordan $93.40. 2.8 (3 votes) click below to rate. 1994 upper deck mj rarely air;

Michael jordan 1991 nike card flight school spike lee mars blackmon map #5 rare. Michael jordan #77 1994 top deck mj rarely air (basketball) $36.01 1990 collegiate arsenal say no to medicine #nc 1 michael jordan.

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4.5 out of 5 stars. 1994 top deck jordan rare air #2 michael jordan: If you were to compose an entry on a card set of his airness, michael jordan, whereby would friend start?