When FOX released this i know well young cop show, it to be groundbreaking in that dealings of social issues amongst young adults and launched the career of one of today"s greatest movie stars, Johnny Depp. Now that filming has actually wrapped on the big-screen reboot us take a look in ~ what former cast members have been increase to.

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Johnny DeppWhen: 1987-1990 Then: prior to Depp played Officer Tom Hanson, an additional actor persuaded him to pursue acting. That made his film debut in a Wes Craven horror flick and also landed a small component in an award-winning battle movie.Now: Look because that him in this summer"s blockbuster "Pirates that the Caribbean: on Stranger Tides". He"s currently filming a movie through director Tim Burton

Richard Grieco
When: 1988-1989 Then: Greico a former model, played Dennis Booker on two seasons prior to starring in his very own spinoff "Booker" Now: has actually been seen in largely B-movies and on TV. He"s also worked together a musician and released a CD in 1995. He newly starred in a SYFY channel movie as a norse god.

Peter DeLuise
When: 1987-1990 Then: prior to the earliest son the this renowned comedian played Officer Doug Penhall, he had actually a role in a 1979 comedy v his famed father.Now: native 1994-1996 DeLuise played Dagwood in an NBC science fiction show. He likewise worked with one more science fiction franchise together a director, producer, actor and also writer.

Holly Robinson Peete
When: 1987-1991 Then: Robinson-Peete grew up around this famous children"s present while her father to be an original actors member. She made she film debut in a 1986 big-budget flop.Now: She changed her surname in 1995 after ~ her marriage to one NFL quarterback. She"s currently a host on a new daytime women"s show and was the receiver of this award for her work-related as a mother.

Michael Bendetti
When: 1990-1991 Then: Bendetti joined the 5th season of the show as Officer Anthony "Mac" McCann. The had small parts ~ above a Neil Patrick Harris show and also stared in this raunchy 1988 movie.Now: The actor hasn"t remained in seen in movie or television due to the fact that 1995 when he did a TV movie about an alien falling in love
Dustin Nguyen
When: 1987-1990 Then: The Vietnamese gibbs fled v his family members from Vietnam in 1975. Prior to he play Officer bother Truman Ioki, he had a part in a Tom Selleck cop show.Now: He had a recurring duty on cop present "V.I.P." native 1999-2002. Nguyen take it a rest from acting in 2001 after his wife"s 2001 vehicle accident. He"s exhilaration again and won an award in 2009.
Steven Williams
When: 1987-1991Then: prior to playing Captain Adam Fuller, he was drafted into the army and competed in this sport for the Army. In 1985 he remained in the sequel to an activity flick v a big-named activity star.Now: He landed a recurring role from 1994 to 2002 as Mr. X top top a FOX network hit show, and has do appearances more recently in "Supernatural," and also a hit alphabet series.
Frederic Forrest
When: 1987 Then: Captain Richard Jenko just lasted 5 episodes yet Forrest was currently an established actor. He showed up in a Francis Ford Coppola battle epic and also was nominated for an Academy Award for this Bette Midler film.Now: In 2006 he was in a film with Sean Penn based on a Robert pen Warren novel. In 1989 he remained in a made-for-TV miniseries of one more popular novel.
Michael DeLuise
When: 1989-1991 Then: The second son of Dom DeLuise and also the brothers to costar Peter DeLuise, he played Officer Joey Penhall. He to be on this short-lived TV show collection in Seattle, and also made his movie debut with his brother and also father.Now: remained in a "Saturday Night Live" movie"s standard head banging scene and from 2004 to 2007 play T.J. In a well-known mother-daughter series
Sal Jenco
When: 1987-1990Then: Jenco"s function as Sal "Blowfish" Banducci to be his debut in the acting world. His longtime friendship v Johnny Depp aided him floor the role.Now: He showed up with pal Depp in this 1998 gangster film and also co-owned a hot Los Angeles night club v DeppSource: msn
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