The Prado Museum, Madrid is well-known with both tourists and also residents that Madrid. It consists of one that the most important art collection in the world, and the museum likewise puts on continual temporary exhibitions. That is well worth a visit even if you are not totally familiar with the arts world, as countless of the paints there are impressive and tell exciting stories.

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The paintings inside day from in between the 12th and 19th centuries.

Famous artists including Goya, Rubens and Murillo have actually their functions inside, among many other artists. Also, few of the exhibitions are always changing, for this reason there"s always more to see. The sheer scale of some of the paintings is impressive, and even if you are not one avid art lover; I would say over there is still enough in the Prado Museum to save you interested because that a pair of hours.

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entry on a Sunday is free. The adhering to fiesta days also permit free entry: 12 October (Hispanidad Day); 06 December (Constitution Day); 02 might (Official Day, an ar of Madrid); 18 may (International museum Day).

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If you desire to know much more about the masterpieces you room looking at, audio guides and guide books are on sale within the Prado museum. You"ll uncover some original paintings here that girlfriend will have actually seen a million times, prefer "Saturn devouring among his sons" through Goya. This paint is rather gruesome, however captivating. There are countless works indigenous Goya"s "dark period" that do regulate to send a tingle up and down your spine.

Another famous piece is the job-related by Francisco Rizi in 1683 i m sorry depicts the Spanish Inquisition taking place in the Plaza Mayor. This attractive square to be once supplied for hearings and trials of those who refused to convert to Catholicism. If you"re at all interested in Madrid"s history, i recommend acquisition a lengthy look at this vast and immensely detailed painting.

The Prado museum is large, and if you room a true appreciator of art, climate you will have no trouble staying inside for many of the day. Refreshments are available in the café and restaurant, and there is likewise a publication shop.

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make time to protect against in among the many surrounding coffee bars. Over there are numerous within a few minutes walk, and also they offer a delicious range of coffees from anywhere the world.


Did you understand that the Prado is open up for longer hrs than any kind of other major museum in the world? It has recently raised opening hours, and also is now open 66 hrs a week.

The Prado operation an informative and also educational program of conferences and at times, even small scale theatre shows. Increase to date information around the latest tasks is easily accessible on the main Museum website.Official Prado website.

If friend are in search of somewhere to remain in format near to the Prado Museum, there"s theMandarin oriental RitzHotel, which is simply a couple of minute walk away.

The Prado Museum was originally intended to function as a scientific research museum, where natural history would it is in studied. Due to the fact that of this, alongside the Prado Museum, factory gardens were designed. The gardens still remain today, and also are just a few metres native the Prado Museum"s exit. They do a pleasant ar to walk for a stroll, back I checked out in winter and also not lot was in bloom. I imagine that they are much much more impressive during the summer.

Entrance fee:€6.00

Museo del PradoRuiz de Alarcón, 2328014 Madrid, España.

Tel:+34 91 330 2800Official website because that Prado Museum

Metro: Banco de España (Red Line, L2) orMetro: Atocha (Light Blue, line 1 ) plus ten minutes walk.

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Opening hours

Monday - Saturday10:00 - 20:00
Sunday10:00 - 19:00
Public Holiday10:00 - 19:00

The galleries space cleared 10 minutes prior to closing.

Ticket PricesEntry fee:€15.00General join + official overview book:€24.00The ticket allows the holder come visit the museum collection and temporary exhibitions ~ above the same day

Entry with the Madrid Card:FreeDisabled accessibility available.

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Free entry because that Over 65s, EU college student under 25, unemployed, disabled, teachers and official guides.

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