Love the comfort of an electric blanket, but not certain if it"s for sure to use with your foam mattress? Here"s the answer


Wondering whether you can use an electrical blanket with your lovely new memory foam mattress? You"ve done all her mattress research, perhaps even read one of our mattress reviews. The issue is: friend love your electric blanket, too, and might desire to usage it ~ above cold nights, however you"ve heard storage foam and electric blankets are a no-go. True?

The great news is that many memory foam mattress manufacturers say the their mattresses room fine to usage with electric blankets. However, there space a couple of simple rule you can follow to ensure that you"re no reducing the helpful effects of your memory mattress.

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Memory foam mattresses are so comfortable since the foam reacts through your human body heat: this is exactly how the moulding procedure they"re renowned because that works. Moreover, part mattresses have facility layers of foam, so the you keep comfortable without overheating. Among the concerns around using an electric blanket through a storage foam mattress is that the mattress will come to be too warm and won"t be together comfortable together a result.

To make sure this doesn"t happen, Nectar advise constantly "prepping" her mattress by place a sheet in between it and also the electric blanket. It"s a great idea to execute this anyway, because that the benefits of your very own comfort and also safety: resting on an electric blanket without a sheet as a barrier may result in overheating and even injuries.

The other tip is to always warm up your electrical blanket gradually, fairly than cranking increase the warmth to the highest setup straightaway. You may well uncover that you"re comfortable with a low setting, and also the mattress is climate much much less likely to gain too warm.

Finally, always use a timer v your electrical blanket. Professionals recommend that, to keep your memory foam mattress in the best condition, castle shouldn"t it is in exposed to warm for more than half and hour at a time. Again, setting a timer is additionally essential for her safety.

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