Memoirs the a Geisha celbypineda Title: Memoirs the a Geisha (1997), Author: Arthur golden (1957- Ill. Setting: a. Where: Gion, Kyoto, Japan When: early 1900’s (1930’s, people War) IV. Character and also Characterization: c. Principal characters i. Sayuri Nitta (Chiyo Sakamoto) Sayuri is the main character that the book. Together a child, she always thought well of others. She has actually determination and also does not provide up easily. She gray eyes space what make her stand the end the most, , Mameha Mameha to be a renowned geisha in Gion. She was Sayuri•s older sister (not by blood) and also mentor.

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She teach Sayuri what she needed to carry out for her to become a successful geisha. She is an extremely determined and also would do anything to accomplish her goal. I_ Hatsumomo Hatsumomo was a geisha of the Nitta Okiya, the same okiya that Sayuri came from. She boasts of herself and also thinks that no one is berrer than her. She despised Sayuri and also saw her together competition, Which caused her countless attempts to damage Sayuri’s life. I”. Chairman The Chairman was the reason why Sayuri had a function to live, which was the an outcome of his plot of kindness come Sayuri once she to be a child.

He is a person who hinks of others feelings. As a geisha, Sayuri want nothing an ext than because that the Chairman to take notification ot her. V. Nobu Nobu was the Chairman’s right-hand man, the Chairman owed him a lot. The is patient and also kind. Nobu’s appearance is peculiar because of his skin which was damaged by a bomb. That fancies Sayuri and waited many of his life to end up being Sayuri’s danna_ d. Second Characters i. Pumpkin pumpkin was Sayuri’s friend as soon as they were young, their friendship was ruined by Hatsumomo, that was Pumpkin’s older sister.

She to be sweet and an extremely helpful in ~ first, however was influenced by Hatsumomo. Pumpkin likewise became d geisha indigenous the Nitta Okiya, yet she was no as renowned as Sayuri. . Auntie Auntie to be the an initial person to present kindness to Sayuri as soon as she landed on the Nitta Okiym She want Sayuri to come to be successful and to not end up like her. Once Sayuri came to be a geisha, she continuously helped her with what she required to do. I. Mr. Tanaka Sayuri, as a child, idolized Mr. Tanaka and also thought the no other male is higher than him. Mr.

Tanaka to be the person who available Sayuri’s dad to sell Sayuri and her sister Setsu. He to be the reason why Sayuri ended up in Gion. V. Mommy Mother to be the sister ot Auntie and also the owner that rhe Nitta Okiya. She was an extremely fond of money and would carry out anything to come to be richer, She later adopted Sayuri together her daughter and also as the successor of the Nitta Okiya. V. Dr. Crab Dr. Crab was among the males who were attracted to Sayuri when she came to be a geisha. Or. Crab is a sort of human being who would certainly let nothing to stand in his way.

He is recognized for spending a many money in the pursuit of mizuage. V, topic Matter: a historic fiction about the life the a geisha in Japan before World war VI. Thesis/Main Idea: The story revolves approximately a girl whose life was revolutionized from rags to riches when her father offered her until she came to be a well-known geisha in Kyoto. Vil. The part Like The Best. Why? to be thrilled the most when i was reading the part where the Chairman met Sayuri in the Ichiriki Teahouse ~ the occurrence with the Minister ~ above the island the Amami. As so spend by the book since badly want to know what the Chairman would certainly say to SayurL Shock and disbeliet come over me as soon as the Chairman admitted that he knew Sayuri to be the son he observed crying near the Shirakawa Stream. VI. The component Like The Least. Why? identifier not prefer the part where the war was walking on and also Gion closed down. I felt as if the component was no that significant to the key topic of the story and that the story would just have the same impact to the reader without it. As a reader, assumed that this was the dullest part of the story. ‘X.

Vocabulary Improvement: i _ Geisha-(nJ a Japanese women educated come accompany guys as a hostess, pertorming different skills such as dancing and playing tools * many Americans confused geishas together prostitutes since of the pretend geishas who called themselves geisha girls and also sold their bodies to American soldiers in Japan uring the human being War . 2. Okiya-(n.) the lodging residence in i beg your pardon a geisha stays until she has paid every her fan from the okiya for sending out her to school * Mameha to be a geisha who was permitted to live in her own house due to the fact that she was able to pay off every her debts from the okiya she was from.. Danna-(n.) a geisha’s patron, a wealthy man who supports the geisha’s needs in exchange for spending time with him privately * Nobu spent practically his whole life waiting to become Sayurrs danna which unforntunately never ever happened. 4_ Shamisen-(n.) a three-string music instrument the is played utilizing a lectrum w countless geishas, it nor all, to be taught how ro pat rhe Japanese instrument referred to as shamisen, i m sorry they supplied in performances. S. Mizuage-(n. The coming of age ceremony of an apprentice geisha, usually linked with the geisha’s loss of virginity; a large sum the money is come be paid to the geisha in return for she mizuage * according to Mineko Iwasaki, the geisha Arthur gold for his book, a geisha’s mi7uage was never won by method of bidding. X. Quick Summary: Chiyo Sakamoto, a girl from a small fishing town called Yoroido, was 9 years old when her father offered her and her sisters Satsu to a male named Mr. Tanaka.

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They were carried to Kyoto where Chiyo and her sister were separated; Chiyo remained in Gion in the Nitra Okiya together a maid, whereas her sister was lugged to Miyagawa-cho whereby she worked as a prostitute. ChiF began going to institution to come to be a geisha. However when she learned about her sister’s location, she visited look for her. When they met. They determined that they would certainly runaway a few days after, Chiyo tried to runaway however failed, which caused her her schooling priviledges. Together Chiyo continued to live as a maid, knowing that she won’t watch her sister again, she felt as if she has actually no function in life; climate he met the Chairman ho treated her kindly. Hich provided her hope for a far better future. After ~ this incident, she want to become a geisha hoping that she would certainly please the Chairman someday. Mameha, a popular geisha in the Cion district, ended up being her mentor and trained she to end up being a effective geisha; she then readjusted her name to Sayuri Nitra, the the Nirra Okiya. Despite she had numerous admirers, she want no one hut the Chairman to take notice of her; she strived tough to because that this and also in the end, she at some point learned that the Chairman recognized her way back climate from the very very first time they met.