NEW YORK (Slankard official Website) - Megan Slankard, a 21 year-old singer/songwriter who is a self-described "fashion victim", will receive a nationwide television makeover top top The learning Channel"s What not To Wear. The show, which functions Slankard"s music together she gets the look of a rock star, will air Friday, July 16, at 9 p.m. Civilization time. Slankard, a north California native whose 21st birthday was June 6, will additionally be featured on neighborhood Scene, the recent compilation from san Francisco powerhouse KFOG. The CD, early out for relax in July will incorporate "Too poor You" from Slankard"s 2003 release, Freaky small Story. With a smooth, bluesy voice rich past her years, Megan Slankard weaves perceptive lyrics with the acoustic-driven alt-pop of she backing band. She"s obtained the edge of Alanis Morrisette, the rate of Ani DiFranco, the spirit of Patty Griffin and the cute girl-next-door voice of Lisa Loeb. Freaky tiny Story is currently garnering vital acclaim ~ above a nationwide level. One song from the CD qualified her as a critical in the Pantene Pro-Voice Competition out of nearly 2,000 entries, and also Slankard was the featured artist this past January (as well together October 2003 and September 2003) top top Demodiaries.com, an online industry resource for music service executives. Other recent accolades encompass being a finalist for RPM direct Presents: Unsigned artists Volume 3 compilation CD, A&R Online"s featured artist for December 2003, Song and Film"s Spotlight artist because that November 2003, and also Acoustic Cafe"s featured artist for October 2003 ~ above the One to watch syndicated radio program.
Megan has performed in end sixty urban in 4 countries, consisting of showcases in ~ the Nemo Music Conference (Boston) and NXNE Music Festival (Toronto), 2 tours as assistance for David Knopfler the Dire Straits (Germany), a Pantene Pro-Voice concert (New York City), and also a power at the InGuitar global festival in Zurich (Switzerland). Slankard"s debut, Lady is a Pirate (2001), is solo acoustic, 3 songs of which qualified her together a semifinalist in the independent Music Awards performing songwriter competition. Sales that both records have actually reached over 4,000 copies because 2001. Megan, who has actually lived just external Tracy, California all her life, started guitar lessons in ~ the age of ten once she received a Beatles songbook together a gift. A couple of years later on she started singing and also composing her own songs, and at period fifteen landing her very first paying gig in ~ a local bar and also grill.

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Her love the music thrived from the Beatles to encompass a wide selection of styles, native the acoustic rock sounds of counting Crows and also John Mayer, come the contemporary jazz of Al Jarreau and also bluesy absent of Blues Traveler. Megan Slankard tour dates: 6/18 Modesto, CA