1. Weak; languid; inclined come swoon; as, to it is in rendered faint by extreme evacuations.

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2. Weak; feeble; languid; exhausted; together faint with fatigue, hunger or thirst.

3. Weak, as color; not bright or vivid; not strong; together a faint color; a pass out red or blue; a pass out light.

4. Feeble; weak, together sound; not loud; as a faint sound; a pass out voice.

5. Imperfect; feeble; no striking; as a faint resemblance or image.

6. Cowardly; timorous. A pass out heart never ever wins a same lady.

7. Feeble; no vigorous; no active; as a pass out resistance; a pass out exertion.

8. Dejected; depressed; dispirited.

My love is faint. Lam. 1.

FAINT, v.i.

1. To shed the pet functions; to shed strength and color, and also become senseless and motionless; come swoon; sometimes with away. That fainted because that loss the blood.

On listening the honor intended her, she fainted away.

2. To end up being feeble; to decline or fail in strength and vigor; to be weak.

If i send them away fasting come their own houses, they will faint by the way. Note 8.

3. Come sink into dejection; to lose courage or spirit.

Let no your understanding faint. Deut. 20.

If thou faint in the job of adversity, thy stamin is small. Prov. 24.

4. To decay; come disappear; come vanish.

Gilded clouds, while we gaze ~ above them, faint prior to the eye.

FAINT, v.t. Come deject; come depress; to weaken. Unusual.


FA"INTING, ppr. Falling right into a swoon; failing; shedding strength or courage; coming to be feeble or timid.

FA"INTING, n. A temporary loss the strength, color and respiration; syncope; deliquium; leipothymy; a swoon.



1. The state of gift faint; loss of strength, color and respiration.

2. Feebleness; languor; desire of strength.

3. Inactivity; desire of vigor.

4. Feebleness, as of shade or light.

5. Feebleness that representation; together faintness that description.

6. Feebleness of mind; timorousness; dejection; irresolution.

I will certainly send a faintness right into their hearts. Lev. 26.


FAINTS, n. Plu. The pistol fetid oil remaining after distillation, or a weak spirituous liquor the runs indigenous the still in rectifying the low wines after ~ the proof heart is drawn off; also, the last runnings of all spirits distilled by the alembic.

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