Bursting in ~ the Seams Meaning

Definition: extremely full; full to the break point.

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People also often usage this expression in the gradual form, bursting in ~ the seams, and the straightforward past form, burst in ~ the seams.

Origin of Bursting in ~ the Seams

This expression began to end up being popular in the 1800s. That is concerned the seams in fabric.

A seam is where 2 pieces of towel are sewn together. If a bag is really full, the seams will begin to bulge apart from the pressure. Likewise, if clothing are as well small, they will start to rip in ~ the seams. This is dubbed bursting in ~ the seams due to the fact that bursting is another way to to speak breaking.

Nowadays, this expression is still offered for bags that are too full or clothes that are too small. However, that can additionally be offered for anything that is really full. This contains things that room abstract. Because that example, a human being bursting in ~ the seams with pleasure is full of happiness.

Examples the Bursting at the Seams

In this conversation, two high school students talk around the big, delicious enjoy the meal they just ate.

Lisa: This was the finest meal ever! i can’t believe how lot I ate!

Jackie: ns know. Ns feel noble from overeating, yet it was worth it.

Lisa: Hey! yes a little bit much more in the kitchen. Would certainly you like an additional plateful?

Jackie: No, ns can’t. I’m currently bursting at the seams.

Lisa: Yeah, me too. We’ll conserve it because that leftovers.

In the below dialogue, 2 friends discuss a party they space attending.

Seth: Wow. Look just how crowded the is here.

Jimmy: ns didn’t realize just how many people would it is in here.

Seth: ns guess we must go inside, but I don’t even know if we’ll be able to fit.

Jimmy: Yeah, this home is really bursting in ~ the seams.

This instance uses the expression in a an ext abstract way. This human being is overflowing v emotion.

Chelsea: Yay! We’re lastly leaving because that our vacation in Costa Rica!

Oscar: ns so excited the I’m bursting at the seams!

More Examples

In this news excerpt, a fashion show is full of an imaginative people.

The second news excerpt is about a community that is really crowded and popular.

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The phrase burst in ~ the seams means practically overflowing or to it is in overfilled.


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