using the diagnostic emission password reader, I deserve to the bank 1 sensor 1 error. I changed the sensor and also cleared the computer and the irradiate came ago on with the financial institution 1 sensor 1 error. There space two sensors closeup of the door together and not sure if I replaced the exactly one upstream or not. They are close to every other. P0030 OBD-II trouble Code: HO2S Heater regulate Circuit (Bank 1 Sensor 1). What I will do since I kept the original sensor I changed is clean it up a small and placed it ago and use the sensor I initially purchased for bank 1 Sensor 1 into the exactly area. Many thanks for the information. I obviously got perplexed with the location. Execute you have a diagram? Thanks, note

Hello, Here is a guide and also the locations of the oxygen sensors in your car: the end the diagrams (below).Please let us know if you need anything else to gain the problem fixed.Cheers, Ken



You sent me a connect awhile back but it never got bookmarked correctly. I need a diagram on the location of 02 Sensor financial institution 1 Sensor 1 that I must examine and also or replace.

not sure, every I read is probably disconnect alternator but do not remove it and also use a rope or mechanics wire and also attach it to save it from falling.
I have a code reset machine that gets rid of the inspect engine light and I replaced the financial institution 1 sensor 1, but the light came back on. How plenty of sensors are there and also the location? My birthday is coming up and in our state and also county we have to acquire echecked.
There space four, left front, appropriate front, left rear and right rear. Depending upon which code you have these are also the locations. Examine out the diagrams (Below). You re welcome let us know if you need anything else to acquire the problem fixed.
code is P0051. HO2S II requirements to be replaced.Can girlfriend tell me exactly how to physically with the electrical connector at the finish of this sensor? From under the auto it shows up to go up over the alternator. I can't watch where the connector is; no from underneath, not v the passenger next wheel well and also not indigenous the peak of the engine compartment. Any thoughts top top what should be eliminated to accessibility this connector? thanks for your time.
Hello,You will need to just monitor it up and also remove whatever crucial to obtain to it. Here is a guide to assist you replace the oxygen sensors v the locations in the diagrams below. the end the diagrams (Below). You re welcome let us recognize if you require anything else to gain the problem fixed.
financial institution 1 method where number 1 cylinder is. Sensor 1 is the O2 sensor upstream native the cat no after the cat.
very first why are you instead of the o2 sensor 2nd which one is the the upstream or downstream 3rd there are numerous different types DO not INSTALL A no OE O2 SENSOR! They offer universal sensors this sensors I execute not introduce in any car lock will only cause much more problems you must buy this component from the dealer come ensure proper functionallity
The check engine light has come on. Diagnosis reports the O2 sensor demands replacement. I feel the I have the right to replace the suitable O2 sensor, as soon as found, without payment $500 and be may be to pass the brand-new emissions check
Mazda MPV 2003, 42,000 miles. My "check engine" light came on. I had it checked and also was told ns would need a new oxygen sensor which would cost practically $300. Is this a reasonable price because that this repair or am ns getting completely ripped off? :Roll: This is a great site and also I"d be happy to donate ~ I understand the answer I obtain is what i need. THANKS!
depends if its simply the O2 sensor or if that a wiring harness problem with the O2 sensor. However its have to take no an ext then 30mins to replace on average, and hte part is commonly no much more then 100 bucks. Some room no much more then 50 bucks dependence on car. It is through no way a project you might not perform yourself. Ns myself have actually never charged end 200 for transforming more then 1 O2 sensor, you might easily execute it yourself and save money, id say that guy may it is in a little bit overpriced, yet I live in the UP, repair is a bit cheaper.
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