Mayo Chiki season 2 could release soon? exactly how much this heat is true. Let us find out between the lines. Mayo Chiki Season was fairly famous amongst the fans, and they really enjoyed the whole season. Let us talk about the first season, then we will move towards the season two updates. 

Let’s talk around Season one

Mayo Chiki Season one is Japanese irradiate novel series. It is written by Hajime Asano and also has been depicted by Seiji Kikuchi. The posting of 12 volumes of the series was excellent from November 2009 come July 2012. 

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Media manufacturing facility Magazine, Comic Alive released the Manga collection from October 2010 to November 2013. The spin-off the this series was serialized between November 2010 to October 2011. The anime collection was adapted by Feel and from July 7, 2011, come September 29, 2011, the series was aired in Japan. 


In phibìc America, the anime collection was licensed by Sentai Filmworks. The full form of mei Chiki is Mayoeru Shitsuji to Chikin na Ore. 

The collection revolved roughly Kinjirō Sakamachi Voiced by: Satoshi Hino (Japanese) Blake Shepard (English), and Subaru Konoe Voiced by: Yuka Iguchi (Japanese) Genevieve Simmons (English). Kinjiro is in their second year of high school and he sick from condition called gynophobia. Gynophobia is an abnormal fear of women. So as soon as he to be young, his mother and also sister supplied to practice wrestling moves on that in bespeak to make him strong. 


So because that 10 year on everyday basis, he was beaten up by his sister and also mother as a component of training. Sooner or later while utilizing the men’s washroom he discovered that the well known butler Subaru Konoe to be a girl. Subaru was also a high school student and also she works as a butler for the Suzutsuki family and also suffers from aichmophobia. 

Subaru was the woman protagonist of the series and was a an extremely hardworking lady. She was likewise Kanade Suzutsuki’s Voiced by: Eri Kitamura (Japanese) Carli Mosier (English) first love. Kanade was likewise a high school student and also was the just daughter that the high college principal. She supplied to enraged Kinjiro for his illness and used to torment him gift the superior. 

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When Kinjiro learned the Subaru is a girl, he agreed to defend her from Kanade because she to be a sadistic mistress. 

Mayo Chiki Season 2

Like me and also you, there room millions of human being who room waiting for mayo Chiki Season 2 eagerly. And also yes it’s been more than 10 years since the critical season came. However the opportunities of the second season gift released have the right to nowhere be seen. 


But don’t issue Mayo Chiki is obtainable on Amazon Prime v Subtitles.


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