The Dancing with the Stars semi-finals to be filled with quick footwork and also tears together the finalists to be crowned and also former King the Queens star Leah Remini was sent home. Yet loyal pan of the alphabet competition present got a special treat when former flames Karina Smirnoff and Maksim Chmerkovskiy were reunited. 

Smirnoff, 35, is a current pro on the show, who in addition to partner Corbin Bleu is heading to this season’s finals. Chmerkovskiy, 33, provided to it is in a pro on the show, and, in spite of a somewhat heated leave from the display in 2012, returned on Nov. 18 to it is in a guest judge. The seasoned dancers were engaged from December 2008 to September 2009 before amicably splitting. 

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So Smirnoff was clearly anxious to run in front of she ex ~ above Monday night. However the Ukrainian performer had nothing to worry about. Chmerkovskiy provided her high point out on both performances, and also following her second dance — the rumba — he had some particularly kind words 

“I think you have a large advantage in this competition,” he stated to Bleu. “You have what I think about to be top 5 ideal female dancers of all time.”

Touched by she ex’s words, Smirnoff left Bleu’s side and ran approximately the judge’s table to provide Chmerkovskiy a kiss ~ above the cheek. After ~ the show, she described her action to us Weekly.

“He had such a sweet comment, and also I didn’t know what rather to do,” she said. “I was like, that’s so sweet. Should I give him a kiss?”


Karina Smirnoff dances with her partner, Corbin Bleu, on Dancing v the Stars season 17. ABC/Adam Taylor

And Smirnoff had actually a critique that her very own for her former flame. 

“I think he did a an excellent job,” she said. “He had actually a most constructive criticism due to the fact that he has actually been ~ above both sides now, together a judge and also as a dancer, and also he knows just how much work-related we placed in every week obtaining the dances ready. Ns think the did a great job, and also I to be pleasantly surprised through that comment, but Maks is constantly full of surprises!”

Smirnoff dated she DWTS season 6 companion Mario Lopez indigenous 2006 to 2008, and also after Chmerkovskiy, she was involved to MLB pitcher Brad Penny till 2011 once the couple ended the engagement. 

Chmerkovskiy is currently dating Sport’s portrayed model Kate Upton, and also recently talked to Us around the blond bombshell. 

“She’s an remarkable person,” that told Us. “We have actually an significant time together, and, friend know, I absolutely didn’t see that coming and also I think neither did she.”

Chmerkovskiy no the first former agree to go back to guest referee this season. Dancer-turned-actress Julianne Hough brought about quite a stir top top the show when she offered a controversial critique of since-eliminated agree Mark Ballas in at an early stage October. 

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