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I have actually a 336C Marlin in .35 Remington that has actually been fired no much more than twenty times (one box full). It"s about a 1970"s vintage and also is in pristine condition. Deserve to anybody command me to it"s sale value? Time to thin out what ns don"t use. Thaks, Tom
If you are a deer hunter and also not making use of that rifle, you are really lacking out ~ above a treat. Can"t discover a offered one approximately here so i can"t assist you through what you need to ask because that it. I would certainly think 400 min.
Saw one the various other day they wanted 375 for. It to be well used. Same male wanted 200 because that a better condition 336 in 30-30. I want a 336 in 35 rem, yet there is now means im paying practically a 100% premium because that one.
Saw one the various other day they want 375 for. It to be well used. Same male wanted 200 because that a better condition 336 in 30-30. I desire a 336 in 35 rem, but there is now means im paying virtually a 100% premium for one.
Don"t offer up!! I have actually been in search of a 336 in 35 Rem because that "a while". Maintained looking and also bidding top top the auction sites, and also checking the gun and pawn shops around. Uncovered one in a pawn shop 10 miles from home and tried to get him under to a more reasonable price. He offered $380 the end the door however I can get one off the net cheaper after i paid shipping and also transfer fees. One shop is closed about fifty percent the time but I recorded him open up Thursday. He had a 1983 336 in 35 Rem, that looks like the older style 336, yet has the #
*& cross bolt safety. I gained it for $280 the end the door.


I have a Marlin 35 Rem, traded because that it about ten years ago, around $125 right into it. If i would market it now, I would certainly ask $300 since it has the larger fine grain wood. That say guns are not a good investment!Here is the amazing thing I never noticed till I check out the short article on dating Marlins: my dates, 1979, 1980, 1981 and also 1981. That would imagine that? My ideal model is the 30-30, which is one of the 1981 year rifles; the lumber is simply not watched on any kind of Marlin I have seen before and I have done pistol shows and seen hundreds, ns will never sell it!BTW: i own much more marlins than any make the fifle, just turned out that way.

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