As quickly as we hear that two celebrities share the very same last name, we can’t help but wonder if they’re related. Some are.

Examples of related celebrities include brothers Chris and also Liam Hemsworth, cousins Jenny and also Melissa McCarthy, and also father/daughter Ron and Bryce Howard, and also aunt/niece Julia and also Emma Roberts. 

While several celebrities share relatives and also a name, it’s crucial to realize that just since two world have the very same last name, it doesn’t average that they’re related. The late, greatJames Garnerwasn’t related to Jennifer Garner. Yet what around Jennifer Lopez? Is she related to Mario Lopez?

Is Jennifer Lopez concerned Mario Lopez?

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Despite share the exact same last name,Popcrushhas revealed that Jennifer Lopez and also Mario Lopez are not related. Not only are they no related, but they additionally have different origins.

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While Jennifer Lopez thrived up in the Bronx, she parents room from Puerto Rico and also moved come the unified States before they met. Mario Lopez was born in mountain Diego and also can trace his family background to Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico.

Considering the Lopez is the 5th most typical Hispanic castle in the world, it’s not surprising the the 2 attractive celebrities aren’t related.

Jennifer Lopez’s accomplishments


Jennifer Lopez | Kevin Winter/Getty pictures for global Citizen VAX LIVE

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Jennifer Lopez got her big break as soon as she was cast to pat Selena Quintanilla Pérez in the 1997 movie,Selena. The biopic turned the end to be the ideal way for Lopez to showcase her remarkable talent together both a singer and actress. Lopez offered the tragic story come prove the while she was still young and unknown, she had actually the skill essential to end up being a superstar.

Nearly 20 years later, in 2015, Lopez spoke about what she’d learned from the life-altering role. “She had a sense of living in the moment, living in the present and also following she heart,” Lopez proclaimed in aBillboard interview. “For me, that was the greatest lesson.”

Since 1997, JLo has proven that she was worth the risk the Selena manufacturing team took once they cast the unknown actress/singer in the role. She career has actually been littered v one triumph after another.

She has judged American Idol, established a effective Las vegas residency, launched a skin care line, been a co-headliner for a well-regarded Super bowl halftime performance and the top performer in multiple movies.

According to Chart Masters, every of her very first 11 releases had actually the distinction of do the 400,000 sales mark.

Mario Lopez’s accomplishments


— Mario Lopez (
mariolopezviva) may 3, 2021

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Mario Lopez’s huge break came as soon as he was cast as, A.C. Slater, top top the sitcom, Saved through the Bell.

When the spinoff Saved by the Bell: The college Years, ended, the co-hosted a display with a Danny Bonaduce and Dick Clark. The seemed prefer Mario Lopez would slowly fade right into obscurity as soon as he join Katarina Smirnoff in the 2006 line-up of Dancing with the Stars.

In addition to having a very successful run on the display which that finished together the runner-up, the run competition allowed him come showcase his vivid personality and connect with civilization in a method he hadn’t been able to accomplish before. Numerous expected Mario Lopez to victory the mirrorball trophy however it eventually went residence to retirement NFL star, Emmet Smith.

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In recent years, Mario Lopez has delighted in several high-profile hosting jobs, written number of books, and also starred in the fact show,Mario Lopez: conserved By the Baby.