Was shock rocker Marilyn Manson Kevin"s geeky sidekick ~ above TV"s "The Wonder Years"?

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Claim: Kevin’s lovable however geeky sidekick in TV’s “The Wonder Years” flourished up come be evil incarnate . . . Er, Marilyn Manson.

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Status: False.

Origins: Rumor has it that before launching right into his music and also mayhem career, shock rocker Marilyn Manson played Kevin Arnold’s sidekick, the geeky-but-lovable Paul Pfeiffer, ~ above the popular TV series The Wonder Years.


Nope, not also close. Kevin’s sidekick Paul was played by josh Saviano. Together for Marilyn Manson, his real name is Brian Warner.

The “Marilyn Manson is the son from ‘The Wonder Years"” variant is yet the latest flavor that the popular “bad young celebrity was cute small tyke on TV series” rumor. Another version claims Manson to be Kevin Owens ~ above Mr. Belvedere. (Nope, that was rob Stone).

Josh Saviano days his an initial time hear this rumor back to Christmas, 1996. He gets e-mail message every week asking if he’s Manson:

“And i reply and say, ‘No, of food not,"” states Saviano, that gets a kick out of the net site that mirrors his likeness morphing into Manson’s.“It doesn’t mean much come me,” that says. “I find it humorous. To see the creativity and also imagination that some civilization is quite interesting. It doesn’t uncomfortable me, no one does it offend me. I just take it together a joke.”

As well he should. Long before there was a Marilyn Manson, even before there was a Wonder Years, a similar tale to be told about Alice Cooper and also how he’d to be Eddie Haskell on leaving It come Beaver. (Nope again. The was Ken Osmond.)

The rumor comes in numerous varieties. Though no a “bad boy of absent ‘n’ roll” by any kind of stretch of the imagination,


Billy Corgan that The wrecking Pumpkins captures his same share of fallout from a related whisper, the he to be the lad that played Jamie on television’s tiny Wonder. (Nope, yet again. The was Jerry Supiran). Madonna has even been rumored to have been the adorable little Tabitha ~ above TV’s Bewitched. (Yet another nope — the was Erin Murphy).

A number of Marilyn Manson rumors are wafting about. Manson is the parental nightmare the the 90s, the emphasis for the “Rock ‘n’ role is leading our youngsters to Hell!” faction and, together such, is a magnet because that myths. Ours Dead Puppies web page discusses the legend around his tossing live puppies come the audience and instructing them come tear the small dogs personally if they want him to go on through the show, and our Greener Pastors page gets into the canard about his coming to be Evil Incarnate due to the fact that a church youth team shunned him.

There’s other wickedly appealing around the notion of a squeaky-clean kid star walk on to end up being a rock star trading ~ above vivid pictures of horror and death. Comparable whispers around other previous child stars turning their talent to porn films equally

delight us due to the fact that by believing them, we knock the heroes of yesterday off their pedestals in the here and now. Those lovable TV households were hard enough to live as much as without every character in them being perfect in genuine life too — we’re happy to hear as soon as one that them turns out not to be.

A not-to-be-overlooked facet in these story is the “innocence” factor. Through casting specifically lovable tiny tyke as the TV kid who grows up to be the absent ‘n’ roll spokesperson for all that’s evil, the loss from elegant is seen to it is in that much greater. To adequately point out the moral in such story calls for contrast, and also that is noted by the most sweet-faced TV child possible being chosen as the base of the canard.

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One tangentially-related rumor has it that the cute small baby on the cream color Snow box grew up to be a porn star. Yes sir a smidgeon of reality to this together Marilyn Chambers (of the 1972 erotic film Behind the environment-friendly Door) was among the models in that shot. But she to be the young mother, not the baby. (It’s no surprising she was cast for the mother’s role instead that the child’s, as the photograph was taken in 1970. Not also she’s that great an actress.)

It’s exciting to note how this tidbit of details is processed by those who’ve come throughout it. Invariably, those who remember Marilyn Chambers gift on the cream color Snow box always cast her as the baby. It’s the old “innocence transformed right into evil” motif — a pretty mom in a soap advertisement going on to star in a erotic film 2 years later doesn’t provide nearly the moral shock element of one adorable little baby’s farming up to follow that particular career path.