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The reader of The boy in The stripe Pajamas meets Maria at the beginning of the story. Together the maid or housekeeper, she is an essential part of family life, so crucial that as soon as the household move out of Berlin to"Out-With," Maria moves with them. As soon as the "Fury" visits their...

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The reader of The boy in The striped Pajamas meets Maria in ~ the beginning of the story. Together the maid or housekeeper, she is crucial part of family members life, so necessary that when the household move the end of Berlin to"Out-With," Maria moves with them. Once the "Fury" visits their home Maria is certain to bow she head "lower than usual, implying her inferiority. Maria defers also to "Master Bruno" and also bows her head once she philosophies him. 

Bruno trusts Maria implicitly and sees her as "part that the family," seeking she opinion about the "awful" location they have actually moved to yet Maria prevents his questions as it is seemingly not her place to comment. She is horrified and concerned because that Bruno once he protests "Stupid Father." She speak Bruno how, as result of a friendship in between Bruno"s grandmother and also Maria"s mommy who to be a dressmaker for Bruno"s grandmother, Bruno"s father had been very great to Maria and also she will certainly be eternally thankful for such kindness. She also muses about how he can do such destructive things now when the did such a kindness for her, although she does not voice she opinion.

She does tell Bruno what she knows about Pavel and also how he to be a medical professional "in an additional life." She is plainly afraid that Bruno"s dad and additionally afraid of speak out versus the household or the Germans, for fear of being reprimanded and out of loyalty to Bruno"s father. She is constantly cautious and even telling Bruno to be careful of what that says.

It is climate implied that Maria is Jewish by she behavior and the reality that the household take her v them - out of a feeling of duty on Bruno"s father"s component - because, left behind in Berlin as a Jew she would have been persecuted.