'Pawn Stars' Richard Harrison - aka 'The Old Man' - dies 'surrounded by love family' originally appeared on goodmorningamerica.com

Richard Benjamin Harrison -- known to millions of "Pawn Stars" fans as "The Old Man" -- has actually died, according to a short article on the official Facebook web page for ras Vegas' Gold and Silver Pawn shop, the setup for the hit truth show. He was 77 years old.

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"The Old Man" is the dad to stack Harrison, that is the key star that the show and also the present leader of the shop, regularly teaching viewers about the ins and also outs that the pawn business.

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"It is with hefty hearts the we recognize the passing of Richard Benjamin Harrison...this morning," the article began Monday. "He was surrounded by loving family members this previous weekend and went peacefully."

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"The team at yellow & silver Pawn and also the Pawn Stars family is grieving his loss," the article continued. "He will be remembered as the ideal father, grandfather and great-grandfather you can have, through his family and also by fans as the occasionally grumpy (always loving, however), regularly wisecracking, and also voice the absolute factor on the background television display 'Pawn Stars.' services are pending and also the family members appreciates your prayers and kind words."

No an ext details about his fatality were given. The popular present airs on history Channel.

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PHOTO: The cast of Pawn Stars, native left, Richard Harrison, Corey Harrison, rick Harrison and also Austin "Chumlee" Russell. (A & E Network)

History Channel exit a declare of the own, mourning the elder Harrison's death.

"We room deeply saddened by the loss of our girlfriend Richard ‘The Old Man’ Harrison, a lover member of the history and
pawnstars family," the explain read. "He will certainly be considerably missed for his wisdom and candor. Our thoughts space with the Harrison family throughout this complicated time."


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