One concern that many all soon to it is in guinea pig owner ask is even if it is or no they should acquire a masculine or a female guinea pig. I decided to research which sex that’s ideal to get, and here’s what i learned:

Is it better to obtain a male or woman guinea pig? If you’re obtaining a solitary guinea pig you can pick either a masculine or female depending on your personal preference together they both make great pets. Sex doesn’t matter much as long as the pig is friendly and healthy. If meanwhile you’re acquiring a pair the guinea pigs in ~ once, then getting two immature females seems to it is in the best option.

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In this article I’ll explain an ext in-depth why the finest sex to choose depends on whether you’re gaining a solitary pig or lot of pigs, and I’ll likewise explain just how you should think if you desire to get much more guinea pigs in the future.

It’s also a good idea for you, as a soon to it is in guinea pig owner, to check out our Guinea Pig Complete treatment Guide for Beginners that covers every little thing from an easy guinea pig facts to chosing the appropriate cage and grooming tips.

Why it’s far better to gain Two Immature Females if You’re Going because that a Pair

First the all, acquiring a single guinea pig is not optimal to it’s health since humans can’t completely replace a guinea pig’s friend. Therefore it’s great to obtain a pair that guinea pigs.

So, in instance you decision to have actually two guinea pigs, climate it’s finest to acquire two immature females. The reason for this is the two immature females comes along very well, as opposed to 2 males where fights are common. The worse point you deserve to do if you want a serene guinea pig owning suffer is keeping two males and also a female together as this usually leads come a the majority of bust-ups.

Another thing to take into factor to consider is that if girlfriend buy a male and a female, climate you can need to have actually the male neutered or else be all set to take care of innumerable litters of infant guinea pigs in her home. Besides, once a female generally gives birth, it shortens the lifespan. Woman guinea pigs go with a 14-18 work cycle whereby they can mate and also become pregnant. Females can reproduce as soon as they are only 6 mainly old while males come to be sexually active when they space 10 mainly old. A female guinea pig can offer birth to 2-3 babies.

How come Neuter a Guinea Pig

Both male and also female guinea pigs can be neutered but you have to take her pet to an experienced neutering vet. The expense of neutering a guinea pig have the right to cost about $66 per pig. But again, most experts don’t recommend neutering together it can be stressful and also even risky to her pet. The ideal solution is to keep them in a mix that doesn’t require neutering.

How can You distinguish a male From a Female?

Before discovering exactly how you can identify a masculine from a female guinea pig, one point that’s great to recognize is the a male guinea pig is described as a boar while a mrs one is a sow. Boars are well-known to flourish up to bigger sizes contrasted to sows. Knowing the terms boars and also sows deserve to be good since it’s generally the terms that veterinarians and breeders use.

It have the right to be hard to identify an immature male guinea pig from an immature female. To recognize the gender of a guinea pig, you must take a close examination of their reproductive organs. Guinea pigs the haven’t been handled prior to might it is in afraid and will always shot to hide. Features such together hair shade or size won’t tell friend the difference. They also both have nipples yet sows have larger nipples than boars. The genitals of guinea pigs room Y-shaped but that that a male have tendency to have a vertical column of a letter i. The genitals of a female guinea pig appear somehow swollen and also bumpy. You can also take her guinea pig come an skilled veterinarian for assist in instance you find it difficult to recognize their gender.

The other method to keep in mind the gender of a guinea pig is their weight. Sows room lighter in weight contrasted to boars. Most sows have an median weight of 700-1200 grams when boars sweet somewhere in between 800-1600 grams. However, there room heavier females and also generally lightweight males.

The other interesting thing around sows is the they have tendency to pee on various other guinea pigs if they space annoyed or if they room sitting also close come them. Therefore, points can acquire quite messy especially if girlfriend rear an ext than 2 guinea pigs. Boars, top top the other hand, don’t usually display this kind of behavior.

What if You have Other Guinea Pigs?


In case you already have various other guinea pigs in ~ home and also want to obtain more, climate it is also an excellent to obtain guinea pigs the the very same gender. One all-female group of guinea pigs have the right to make the best combination. Females room not favor males and don’t fight from time come time. They additionally like getting together with other pigs and also even become very friendly come the owner.

Although it deserve to be a great choice to likewise have one all-male combination, boars are prone come fights particularly when brand-new ones are introduced. A team of males that have stayed together for part time often tends to live favor brothers. Nobody will want to watch those nasty fights and also squabbles amongst their pets. Having actually a mix of guinea pigs that room friendly to one one more can it is in pretty good.

In other cases, most captive males will tend to urinate ~ above the floor of their cage to make their territories. It usually happens every time after the cage is cleaned. In the wild, guinea pigs love life in a combination of one male and also a few females. Sometimes, captive masculine guinea pigs can display some dislike to your owner.

If you have male guinea pigs, climate you should carry out them through as much room as possible. This is since they are an extremely playful and aggressive. Boars space also an extremely territorial although some sows have the right to be simply as aggressive as boars. When determining the guinea pig sex rear, always consider the personality and also temperament of your guinea pig. Although males can show some indicators of dislike, most people report that boars room calm, trusting and also easy to rear and tame considering their behavior.

Want come learn more about exactly how to make your guiena pigs acquire along? check out this short article next.

Breeding Guinea Pigs

If you space after breeding guinea pigs, climate it is an excellent to execute so once the mrs is tho young. Reproduction an old woman guinea pig (between 7-12 months) for the very first time have the right to be fairly stressful. This is since their pelvic skeleton will have fused making it difficult for them come deliver. A cesarean section could be needed for together pigs. After ~ 60-70 days, a woman guinea pig will have actually reached maturity and ready because that pregnancy. Females reach their sexual maturity quicker than males.

Read ours post committed to guinea pig pregnancy to discover out specifically how to treatment for a pregnant guinea pig.

Regardless the the guinea pig sex you choose, that is good to understand just how to treatment for them. One way of caring for guinea pigs is by acquiring them a good cage. This pets don’t choose it once other pet or civilization hover around them. A cage, pen or container castle can get into and out of vision is quite necessary for them. They might not it is in interested in toys yet they love running through pipes, tubes and also exploring cardboards and also boxes. Friend can also hide tiny foods in your cage to make them active and alert.

A us for two guinea pigs have to measure an ext than 60 centimeter by 1.2 meter long. An out run an are that is available is likewise good. This is wherein they run to at any time they desire to graze. You have the right to even enable them come run around indoors however under supervision. Cats and dogs are large predators of guinea pigs and also should it is in locked out.

Related Questions

How carry out I know a guinea pig is healthy? Check your eyes, nose, ears, and even the rear finish to for sure there are no crusts, inflammation or discharge. The other indications that show a guinea pig is healthy and balanced are their level of task and alertness. Additionally, a guinea pig that is rather fearful and also skittish is a healthy pig. The one that is too calm can offer you a red flag.

Is it much better to to buy or embrace a guinea pig? You can either to buy or take on a guinea pig however ensure that your brand-new pet is healthy. If friend buy, then do so indigenous a trusted source. Mainstream pet shops are the safest places to buy healthy guinea pigs. Buying native a breeder is periodically risky. Psychic a healthy guinea pig have the right to live quite much longer than one unhealthy one.

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Are guinea pigs great pets because that children? Yes, guinea pigs can make the ideal pets because that both adults and also children. They are really active during the day and also you deserve to enjoy watching castle play. Lock can connect by make vocal sound with different meanings. They are very gentle however you need to take good care that them. They can live because that up to seven years as soon as properly cared for.