If you made decision the very first one climate you room correct. If you chose the 2nd one, you don’t must beat you yourself up, yet you should absolutely pay attention to the remainder of this article.

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It deserve to be challenging to view the difference in between these two words.

Just one tiny letter have the right to sometimes make all the difference in the English language. This is definitely one circumstances of that and what’s more, this is an circumstances where the aftermath matter.

You may likewise think that these words sound the same and also so it no matter about knowing the spoken difference. This is, in fact, no true. It is possible to hear the difference when the words room pronounced incorrectly. “Then” sounds different to “than” and for that factor it might confuse people if girlfriend mix them up.

As you will watch in the info to follow, the meanings and the usages that the words are very different.


“Then” is used for a range of different situations. That the two, this is the one that has actually the most uses and needs to it is in looked at much more closely.

“Then” deserve to be used to represent a moment in time.

For example:

It was then ns knew what to do.

I want it to happen right there and also then.

Just wait right here for three hours, it’ll be all set then.

“Then” can be used to display the next step in a sequence.

For example:

I waited for two hours and also then i went home.

First, she went to grandma, then she gained some food and also finally she went to the bank.

They went to get the money and also then lock bought the TV.

“Then” deserve to be provided to show extr or extra information.

For example:

The car cost a lot and then I had actually to to buy insurance!

It will certainly take an hour to gain there and also then yes at the very least two hours of waiting. You’ll have to contact her first and then you require her permission.

“Then” deserve to be supplied to display the result of a situation.

For example:

If i go residence first, then I deserve to pick up mine clothes.

If she states that again, then the is going to walk crazy.

If lock make enough money, then castle are moving to France.



This one is definitely the less complicated of the 2 to remember. There is only one case when you would certainly use the word “than”. Than is constantly used in compare constructions.

Here are some examples:

My house is larger than yours.

Her brothers is enlarge than her sister.

This will be much easier than yesterday.

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So, every you have to remember is that if you room making a comparison, you must use “than” and certainly no “then”.

Even with native speakers, the is really common to view the two blended up because of spelling mistakes when writing under pressure. For that reason, be sure to inspect your work-related when you complete writing. The course, this is a practice you should be transporting out whenever friend write, no issue the language.

On the other side the that, don’t be also harsh ~ above yourself.

Small mistake happen and just must be corrected over time. The indigenous look similar and for that reason you will notice mix ups now and also again. This is the very same for native speakers and also that reflects that it just takes practice to acquire the hang of any type of concept such as this.