Manufactured by the Overhead Door Corporation, the Lynx version 455 garage door opener is a chain-drive opener that was first released in 1991. This garage door opener version was likewise sold under the Genie and also Automatic Doorman brand names. Programming a brand-new transmitter remote, or reprogramming an present remote, to your Lynx 455 garage door opener is a simple process that takes less than five minutes come complete.

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1. Find the programming buttons top top the behind panel the the strength head unit; buttons space labeled f+, f- and also SC.

2. Push the SC switch to accessibility the garage door opener’s programming mode. Wait for the lightbulb ~ above the power head to speed once before proceeding.

3. Press and also hold the large button top top the transmitter remote because that one second, climate release. The lightbulb will flash twice if the activity has to be performed successfully.

4. Press the large transmitter remote button again and hold for one second before release it. Note that the light will flash five times before glowing steadily for 5 seconds; this indicates that the programming process has to be completed successfully.

Tips Warnings

Program a wireless keypad to run your #455 Overhead garage door. Press the SC button on the strength head unit. Push the Enter button on the wireless keypad and also input a four-digit defense code of her choice. Press and also hold the Enter switch for two secs to confirm the password you selected.

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Overhead garage door opener power head units without SC buttons need to be programmed utilizing a various method. Contact the Overhead Door support center if you room unable to locate the SC button.

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