Word Oddities

Longest Words

Cabbaged and also fabaceae, every eight letter long, arethe longest indigenous that have the right to be play on a music instrument. 7 letterwords with this property incorporate acceded, baggage,bedface, cabbage, defaced, and effaced.

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Aegilops, eight letter long, is the longest word whose letter arearranged in alphabet order. 7 letter words with this propertyinclude beefily and also billowy. Six letter indigenous includeabhors, accent, access, almost,biopsy, bijoux, billow, chintz,effort, and also ghosty.

Spoonfeed, nine letter long, is the longest indigenous whose letters arearranged in turning back alphabetical order. Trollied is an eight letterword with this property. 7 letter words through this building includesponged and also wronged.

Cimicic and Cimicid, each 7 letters long, are the longestwords that room exclusively comprised of roman inn Numerals.

Nonsupports, eleven letter long, is the longest indigenous in the Englishlanguage made up of only letters in the second fifty percent of the alphabet.Ten letter words incorporate prosupport, soupspoons, andzoosporous.

Overnumerousnesses, eighteen letters long, is the longest Englishword that consists of just letters that absence ascenders, descenders, and also dotsin reduced case. Overnervousnesses is seventeen letters.Sixteen letter words through this property include curvaceousnesses andovernumerousness. Fifteen letter words with this residential or commercial property includeerroneousnesses, nonconcurrences, overnervousness,and verrucosenesses.

Lighttight and lillypilly, each ten letter long, room thelongest English words consisting only of letters through ascenders, descenders,or dots in lower case.

Tittifill, nine letters long, is the longest English word consistingonly that letters v ascenders or dots in lower case. Eight letter wordswith this property include libidibi and also tikitiki.

The only English words the consist entirely of letters with descenders inlower case are gyp and also gyppy.

Honorificabilitudinitatibus, 27 letter long, is the longest Englishword consisting strict of alterating consonants and also vowels. An eighteenletter word v this property is epicoracohumeraler. A seventeenletter word with this home is hypovitaminosises. Sixteen letterwords with this property encompass aluminosilicates,depolarizability, and supererogatorily. Fifteen letter wordswith this property encompass cytomegalovirus, heterozygosises,hexosaminidases, paramyxoviruses, pararosanilines,parasitological, tenosynovitides, tenosynovitises,unimaginatively, and also verisimilitudes.

The Rot13 an approach of encrypting message is perform by rotating the alphabetby thirteen characters. Due to the fact that there are 26 letters in the alphabet, thedecryption process is the very same as the encryption. The longest indigenous toform other words when Rot13 encrypted are the seven letter wordsabjurer and also nowhere, which become each other.


Esophagographers andunprosperousness, each 16 letters long, are thelongest English words in which every of their letters occurs at the very least twice.

Esophagographers, sixteen letters long, is the longest English wordin which each of its letter occurs precisely twice. A fourteen word v this propertyis scintillescent. Twelve letter words v this residential or commercial property includehappenchance and shanghaiings. Ten letter words with thisproperty include arraigning, concisions, intestines,and horseshoer.

Sestettes is a word in which each of its letters occurs three times.

The word chincherinchee is the only known English indigenous which hasone letter emerging once, two letters emerging twice, and also three lettersoccurring 3 times.

Ultrarevolutionaries is a word in which each of the five main vowelsoccurs twice.

Eunoia, six letters long, is the shortest word in the English languagethat contains all 5 main vowels. 7 letter words through this propertyinclude adoulie, douleia, eucosia, eulogia,eunomia, eutopia, miaoued, moineau,sequoia, and suoidea. (The scientific name ioueais a genus the Cretaceous fossil sponges.)

Caesious, eight letter long, is the shortest native in the Englishlanguage that consists of all 5 main collection in alphabetical order. Ripe letterwords v this residential property are acheilous, acheirous,aerobious, arsenious, arterious, autecious,facetious, and parecious.

Suoidea, 7 letters long, is the shortest native in the Englishlanguage that contains all 5 main vowels in turning back alphabetical order.Other words with this building are scarce; they include the ten letter wordsduoliteral and also unoriental, the fourteen letter wordsubcontinental, and the fifteen letter wordsneuroepithelial and uncomplimentary.

Facetiously, eleven letters long, is the shortest native in the Englishlanguage that contains all six vowels in alphabetical order. A twelve letterword with this building is abstemiously. The fourteen letter wordsadventitiously and also sacrilegiously have this residential or commercial property butalso have repeated vowels.

Twyndyllyngs, twelve letters long, is the longest native in the Englishlanguage without any of the 5 main vowels. An eleven letter word with thisproperty is the singular form, twyndyllyng. One eight letter wordwith this property is symphysy. 7 letter words through this propertyinclude gypsyfy, gypsyry, nymphly, andrhythms.

Strengths, nine letters long, is the longest indigenous in the Englishlanguage with only one vowel.

Strengthlessnesses, eighteen letter long, is the longest word in theEnglish language with just one vowel repeated. A seventeen letter word withthis building is defenselessnesses. A sixteen letter word v thisproperty is strengthlessness. A fifteen letter word v thisproperty is defenselessness. A fourteen letter word through thisproperty is degenerescence. Thirteen letter words through this propertyare degenerescent, disinhibiting, effervescence,handcraftsman, kinnikinnicks, philistinisms,primitivistic, retelemetered, and also whipstitching.

Euouae, 6 letters long, is the longest English native consisting onlyof vowels, and, also, the English word v the many consecutive vowels.Words with 5 consecutive vowels encompass cooeeing andqueueing.

Archchronicler, catchphrase, eschscholtzia,latchstring, lengthsman, and also postphthisic eachhave 6 consonants in a row. Borschts has actually six consonants in a rowin simply one syllable. Words with 5 consecutive consonants includeangstrom, angsts, birthplace,dumbstruck, eighths, heartthrob, lengths,postscript, strengths, thumbscrew, twelfths,warmths, and witchcraft.

Hotshots consists of the same 4 letters repeated. There space othereight letter words through this property, however none space common:beriberi, caracara, chowchow, couscous,froufrou, greegree, guitguit,kavakava, lavalava, mahimahi, andmatamata.

Abcaree, abchalazal, abcoulomb, crabcake,and drabcloth are among the only words in the English languagethat save on computer "abc."

Hydroxyzine is the only word in the English language that contains"xyz."

The longest alphabet sequences to show up in English words space "mnop"and "rstu." Mnop appears in such words together gymnopaedic,gymnophiona, gymnoplast, limnophilous,prumnopitys, semnopithecus, somnopathy, andthamnophile. Rstu appears in such words asoverstudy, overstuff, superstud, andunderstudy.

You and also ewe are pronounced the same however share no lettersin common. Eye and also I is another such pair. Ohand eau is yet another.

Subbookkeeper is the just English word with four pairs that doubleletters in a row. Assessee and also keelless space the shortestwords with three pairs of twin letters. Cooee is the shortest wordwith two twin letters.

Only a few words (not counting 3 letter words) startwith the exact same three letters they finish with. They include:aftershaft, anticipant, anticoagulant,anticonvulsant, antiformant, antioxidant,antiperspirant, calendrical, entablement,entanglement, entertainment, enthrallment,enthralment, entrapment, hotshot,ingesting, ingratiating, ingrowing,ionization, microsomic, nicotinic,physiography, phytogeography, phytography,redeclared, respires, restores,restructures, tormentor, and also underground.As a distinct case, 6 letter words v this home areatlatl, bonbon, booboo, bulbul,cancan, chichi, dumdum, grigri,motmot, murmur, pawpaw, pompom,tartar, testes, and tsetse.

Fewer native (excluding 4 letter words) start with the same 4 lettersthey end with. These include uricosuric and the rash wordabracadabra. As a one-of-a-kind case, eight letter words with this propertyare beriberi, caracara, chowchow, couscous,froufrou, greegree, guitguit, hotshots,kavakava, lavalava, mahimahi, andmatamata.


Aftercataracts and tesseradecades, each fourteen letterslong, room the longest native that have the right to be typed using only those lettersnormally typed v the left hand. Twelve letter words with this propertyinclude aftereffects, desegregated, desegregates,reasseverate, reverberated, reverberates,and stewardesses.

Johnny-jump-up and niminy-piminy, twelve letter long, arethe longest words that deserve to be typed using just those letters typically typedwith the right hand. Eleven letter words with this home includehypolimnion and also kinnikinnik. Nine letter words v thisproperty encompass homophony, homophyly, monophony,nipponium, nonillion, pollinium, andpolyonomy.

Leptothricosis and leucocytozoans, each fourteen letterslong, are the longest English words the are normally typed using strictlyalternating hands. Thirteen letter words v this building includeantiendowment, antisudorific, autotoxicosis,dismantlement, leucocytozoan, and also neurotoxicity.Twelve letter words through this property include authenticity andsuspensorial.

Postmuscular, twelve letter long, is the longest English native thatis generally typed through switching hands every two letters.

Rupturewort, eleven letters long, is the longestword that can be typed using just those letters in the top row the a typewriter.Ten letter words with this property are pepperroot,pepperwort, pewterwort,pirouetter, prerequire,pretorture, proprietor,repertoire, repetitory,tetterwort, andtypewriter.

Shakalshas, ten letter long, is the longest English word that canbe typed using only those letter in the middle row the a typewriter. Nineletter words v this property incorporate flagfalls, hadassahs,and haggadahs. Eight letter words v this property includealfalfas, galagala, galahads, andhaskalah.

Deeded, hummum, muhuhu, and muumuu, eachsix letter long, are the longest English words that are typically typed withjust one finger. Five letter words through this property include ceded,mummy, unnun, and also yummy.

dearteassociazione.org is typed by alternately moving left and also right fromkey to key.


CHECKBOOK, nine letters long, is the longest native in the Englishlanguage composed completely of letters v horizontal symmetry in upper case.Eight letter words v this property include BEDECKED,BOOHOOED, CODEBOOK, COOKBOOK, DOBCHICK,EXCEEDED, HOODOOED, and KEBOBBED.

HOMOTAXIA, nine letter long, is the longest indigenous in the Englishlanguage composed totally of letters v vertical the opposite in upper case.Eight letter words v this property encompass AUTOMATA,AUTOTOMY, MOTIVITY, MAHIMAHI, MATAMATA,MYXOMATA, and THATAWAY. 7 letter words with thisproperty encompass AUTOMAT, MAMMOTH, MAXIMUM,TAXIWAY, WITHOUT, and the proper name TIMOTHY.Hyphenated terms through this property include HOITY-TOITY andMOUTH-TO-MOUTH.

HAH, HOH, HUH, MA"AM, MOM,OHO, TAT, TIT, TOT, TOOT,TUT, and WOW are number of words which, as soon as written in uppercase letters, have actually vertical symmetry.

I, OHO, and IHI"IHI are the just words in theEnglish language that, once written in upper case letters, have actually horizontaland upright symmetry and consist entirely of letters that have both horizontaland upright symmetry.

ZOONOSIS, eight letters long, is the longest native in the Englishlanguage created of letters v 180 level rotational symmetry.Six letter words through this property encompass NINONS, ONIONS,and SOZINS.

MOW, SIS, and also SWIMS, as soon as written in top caseletters, have actually 180 level rotational symmetry.

COUSCOUS, eight letters long, is the longest indigenous in the Englishlanguage such the one cannot tell visually if it"s been created in allupper situation or every lower situation letters. 4 letter words v this residential or commercial property areCOCO, COOS, COWS, CUSS, SCOW,VOWS, WOOS, WUSS, and ZOOS.


Conservationalists and conversationalists, each eighteenletters long, space the longest non-scientific English native that are anagramsof each other. Internationalism and interlaminations aresixteen letter anagrams of each other.

Basiparachromatin and marsipobranchiata, every seventeenletters long, are anagrams that each other that have no much more than threeconsecutive letters in common. Thermonastically andhematocrystallin room sixteen letter anagrams the each other that havethis very same property.

Nitromagnesite and also regimentations, every fourteen letterslong, space anagrams that each other without any consecutive letters in common.

Interrogatives, reinvestigator, and tergiversation,each fourteen letter long, room the longest 3 non-scientific English wordsthat room anagrams of every other. They have actually no much more than 3 consecutiveletters in typical with each other.

Monday is the only day of the mainly that has actually an anagram, i beg your pardon isdynamo. March, April, and May room theonly month of the year that have actually anagrams, which are charm,ripal, and yam.

Earth, having actually the anagrams hater and heart, andMars, having actually the anagrams arms and rams, are theonly planets v anagrams.

Contained Words

Thitherwards has the many English wordsspelled consecutively in ~ it: a,ar, ard,ards, er,he, her,hi, hit,hithe, hither,hitherward, hitherwards,I, it,ither, the,thither, thitherward,wa, war,ward,and wards, totaling twenty-three words. Therein, seven letterslong, consists of twelve words: er,ere, he,her, here,herein, I,in, re,rein, the,and there.

Ushers includes the most an individual pronouns assignment consecutivelywithin it: he, her,hers, she,and us, totaling five pronouns.


Scraunched and the archaic word strengthed, each ten letterslong, room the longest English words the are just one valuation long.Nine letter monosyllabic words room scratched, screeched,scrounged, squelched, straights, andstrengths.

Rugged is a two syllable word that deserve to be make one valuation byadding letters to it to do shrugged. The two syllable wordague can be made one syllable by including letters to make itvague or plague.

Are is a one syllable word that deserve to be made right into a 3 syllable wordby including just one letter to do area. Similarly,came can come to be cameo,gape can end up being agape,and lien can come to be alien.Adding a letter to the middle of laugh becomes the threesyllable word simile. Similarly,whine can become wahine.

Io might be the shortest 2 syllable word in the English language.Other candidates room aa, ai, and eo, but there issome problem over the pronunciation and also legitimacy of this words.

Iouea, five letters long, is the shortest four syllable English word.Oceania, oogonia, and oxyopia, each 7 letterslong, space the shortest 5 syllable English words.

Chasm, dirndl, massacring, rhythm,sarcasm, and vrbaite have more syllables than pronouncedvowels. Contractions and words that finish in ism and ithmalso have actually this property. Proper names through this property includeEdinburgh and also Hamtramck.

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Sometimes redundancy creeps into accepted usage when terms room translatedfrom one language to another. Rio Grande Riveris redundant to a speak of both English and Spanish, together isSierra Mountains, but, once addressing anEnglish speaker, the extra English specification provides sense.