The Lions snapped the longest road shedding streak in NFL background when they beat the Packers top top Sunday. Below are some various other big-time streaks, native Dolphins end Bills come Steelers end Browns.

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The Lions snap a 24-game road losing streak to the Packers top top Sunday, which was the longest road shedding streak come the same enemy in NFL history. The critical time the Lions winner in the state the Wisconsin was 1991. During that time, the Packers" streak contained three wins at Milwaukee ar Stadium and also a playoff win at Lambeau field in 1994. Environment-friendly Bay owned the overall series during that stretch with an as whole record that 36-13 against the Lions before Sunday"s game. 

But v its history, the NFL has seen several other far-ranging streaks with one team unable to win another.

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The Packers weren"t the only team the Lions had actually trouble through on the road. The Lions shed 21 right road games to the Redskins, consisting of three playoff games, throughout a period that spanned 74 years. Back the Lions and also Redskins have each remained in the NFL since 1932, they"ve just played a total of 43 times, with the Redskins owning a 30-13 series lead.

When the Lions visited Griffith stadium on Nov. 26, 1939, the Redskins handle their tourists a 31-7 defeat. Every subsequent pilgrimage to the D.C.. Area had actually the same an outcome — a Washington win. The Redskins had a 17-point mean margin of victory during theirhome streak end the Lions, who finally broke through in ~ Washington in 2013 v a 27-20 win at FedEx Field.


The receipt went an entire decade without beating your divisional foe. The dolphin were one of the most dominant teams the the decade, appearing in three directly Super Bowls indigenous 1971-73, winning two of three and going undefeated in 1972. They additionally claimed 5 AFC eastern crowns and beat the receipt 20 continually times, i beg your pardon is the NFL document for most consecutive wins — house or away — versus one opponent.

Miami"s streak began with a 33-14 success at Buffalo"s war Memorial Stadium and didn"t finish until the receipt were ultimately able come beat the Dolphins with a 17-7 victory to open up the 1980 season. The Bills to be shut out 3 times throughout Miami"s streak, which had actually an mean margin of success of 13 points.


Like the Bills, the Rams spent a te getting overcame by a department opponent. In what became a joke to 49ers fans, the "same old sorry Rams," to be no complement for a 49ers team the made eight playoff appearances during the decade and won the franchise"s fifth Super Bowl.

Even as soon as the Rams began the 1995 season, their an initial in St. Luigi after relocating from Los Angeles, with a 5-1 record, the 49ers clobbered the Rams 44-10 in St. Louis. The Rams were lastly able to prevent the bleeding in 1999 when they swept the Niners en route to the franchise"s first Super key championship. Those 2 wins in 1999 started a six-game win streak over the 49ers, who still lead the all-time collection 65-64-3 after St. Louis" 27-6 win earlier this season.


Unfortunately because that the Bills, they"ve remained in the same division with two teams that have overcame a decade. Due to the fact that the revolve of the century, the Patriots have won four Super Bowls, 6 AFC championships and also 12 department titles. They likewise beat the receipt 15 directly times v an typical margin of success of 18 points.

New England opened up the 2003 season through a 31-0 loss in ~ Ralph Wilson Stadium but closed the season through a 31-0 win over the bills at Gillette Stadium. The season finale win helped spark the Patriots top top their second Super bowl title run and also began a success streak end the Bills that wouldn"t it is in snapped until Buffalo got a 34-31 victory at Ralph Wilson stadium on Sept. 25, 2011.

The Raiders may own a 60-50-2 benefit in the 65-year rivalry, but the Chargers own the longest winning streak that the series.

The Raiders to be coming turn off a Super key appearance in 2002 and won their first meeting with the Chargers in 2003, but San Diego declared a 21-14 victory at Qualcomm stadium on Dec. 28, 2003 and didn"t lose to the Raiders again until Oct. 10, 2010, with a 35-27 loss at Oakland-Alameda county Coliseum.

The 13-game streak started with attracted Brees as the Chargers quarterback before Philip Rivers presume the violation in 2006, but the one continuous during the streak to be Chargers running ago LaDainian Tomlinson, that scored in all but one of the 13 wins v 21 complete touchdowns.

The Browns and Steelers have met 127 times since their very first meeting ~ above Oct. 7, 1950, once the Browns asserted a 30-17 victory at Pittsburgh"s Forbes Field. The Browns actually won the an initial eight gamings in the series before the Steelers were ultimately able to rotate the tables in the 1970s after shedding 31 the the an initial 40 matchups with the Browns.

The Steelers command the all-time collection 69-58, including a series-long 12-game winning streak native 2003-09. The streak began with a 13-6 victory at Cleveland Browns stadium on Nov. 23, 2003. That didn"t end until the Browns got a 13-6 residence victory top top Dec. 10, 2009. In between was full dominance by the Steelers, that won by an average of 16 points.

Despite Cleveland"s early on dominance, Pittsburgh has actually owned the Super bowl era, winning six championships and playing in two various other Super Bowls while the Browns space still wait to do their very first Super key appearance.

The Colts right now own a 16-game to win streak against their AFC south opponents, one NFL record. Indianapolis damaged the mark hosted by the 1972-73 Dolphins, that won 15 right games versus AFC east opposition.

The Colts didn"t victory the department in 2012, which to be Andrew Luck"s rookie season, but they win the Texans in the regular-season finale to walk 11-5 and also make the playoffs. Since that win on Dec. 30, 2012, the Colts have owned the division — to win by one averageof 13 points.

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The Colts room 4-5 this season, however sit atop the AFC southern thanks to a 3-0 mark inside the division. The Colts don"t face an AFC south team again till Dec. 13 when they take trip to Jacksonville.