Citroen logo that an initial saw the civilization in 1919 has actually turned into one of the most iconic emblems, associated with design innovations and also exquisite French style. Presented by the this firm founder and outstanding technician Andre Citroen, the famous twin chevron represented the combine helical gears that he developed and patented. The logo looked choose a reversed pair the ‘V’ letter or two arrows encountering upwards. At the moment of the this firm foundation, Citroen became the top European automobile manufacturer and also the very first mass car an equipment outside the united States.

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The agency has adopted engineering genius with sophisticated marketing vision in becoming arguably the many innovative auto manufacturer. Citroen has actually introduced or emerged such vehicle concepts together front-wheel drive, unitary frameless body, elevation suspension, self-levelling hydraulic suspension, bowl brakes, adaptive headlights, aerodynamic design and also many more. The French agency stood behind the production of true sales and service network.


Through the glorious history of the brand the double chevron logo has constantly accompanied that is vehicles. The first emblem featured a twin helical gear installed into an oval frame. It to be designed in navy-blue and also yellow colors. Citroen grounding to this shade scheme with mid-1980s, however played with the background and also shape that the frame. In 1985 Citroen redesigned that is emblem, introducing the red background and also making the white chevrons look sharper than ever.

The contemporary three-dimensional emblem, released in 2009 to note the that company 90th anniversary, to be designed in silver shade with black shades and saw the chevrons blur the edges and also become smooth. The Citroen inscription below the logo design completes the emblem.

Logo Description


The famed Citroen logo attributes a stylized picture of double helical gears, payment tribute to Andre Citroen’s engineering background and early gear business. It likewise looks choose a double ‘V’ sign, turned upside down, or a dual arrow encountering upwards. The logo is completed through a red Citroen inscription below it.

Shape of the Citroen Symbol


The earlier Citroen emblems featured simple twin helical gears installed into an oval. Afterwards they ended up being sharper and acquired extensional form. However, the latest logo design was offered a softer, roundish look, with the ‘V’-shaped gears becoming three-dimensional. The Citroen engraving was redesigned in the brand-new custom font, contributing come the new smooth that company styling.

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Color the the Citroen Logo


Citroen logo’s color has readjusted through the history, with the mix of yellow and also navy-blue gift the longest-standing palette. The present 3D emblem, introduced in 2009, is silver with black shades, if the Citroen engraving is draft in red letters. Silver shade gives the logo a contemporary and elegant look, v the red including passion for vehicle creation.