This series takes us inside the operations of Lizard Lick Towing & recovery which solutions Lizard Lick, north Carolina. Ours cameras follow Ron, Amy, Bobby and also their team that repo and also towing professionals and captures every the action at Lizard Lick's only towing company.

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This collection takes us inside the functions of Lizard Lick Towing & restore which services Lizard Lick, phibìc Carolina. Our cameras monitor Ron, Amy, Bobby and their team of repo and also towing professionals and captures every the action at Lizard Lick's only towing company.

illustration 415

Season 6, illustration 1 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

In the season premiere, Ronnie is heartbroken when Bobby pipeline Lizard Lick to start his very own towing company.

episode 416

Season 6, episode 2 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

Amy concerns the rescue that Krazy Dave and Juicy once they bungle a repo... And also Ron privately lends a hand to Bobby's brand-new business as soon as Cassie falls short to provide the start-up cash.

illustration 417

Season 6, illustration 3 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

In a desperate move, Cassie transforms to Ron for bailout money for Bobby's brand-new business.

episode 418

Season 6, illustration 4 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

Cassie pressure Bobby to relocate in through her... And cousin Johnny blows a huge repo while Ronnie recuperates native his to win down.

episode 419

Season 6, illustration 5 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

Bobby's arrangement backfires when he looks for revenge for Ronnie's beatdown... And Amy bring away a licking in a nasty brawl.

illustration 420

Season 6, illustration 6 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

Ronnie comes to the rescue during a fiery repo... While points really heat-up between Juicy and Earl.

illustration 421

Season 6, illustration 7 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

Bobby ponders offering his brand-new business to rejoin the Lizard Lick crew... And Ron's father, "Pops," asks Bobby to help him top top a giant repo task that can land everyone in a ton that dough.

episode 422

Season 6, illustration 8 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

Krazy Dave provides an unstable discovery around his 25-year marriage... And also Ron enables Bobby to go back to the Lick-but with two bizarre conditions.

episode 423

Season 6, episode 9 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

Ron to adjust a catch to i found it the identification of a danger stalker when Bobby and also Johnny take a wild drive on a four-wheeler to capture a debtor.

illustration 424

Season 6, episode 10 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

Cassie pressures Bobby to make a decision around the future of your relationship...and an innocent prank jeopardizes Krazy Dave's wedding.

episode 425

Season 6, episode 11 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

A fight in ~ Dave's wedding threatens to explode Bobby's relationship with Cassie... If Ron gyeongju to uncover a stalker menacing his family.

illustration 426

Season 6, illustration 12 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

Bobby strikes-out through a bunch that bridesmaids when he repos their party bus... When Ron sets-up a stakeout to catch a attention stalker.

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episode 427

Season 6, illustration 13 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

Krazy Dave is trapped in a submerged auto when a repo goes horribly wrong... If Bobby and also Juicy challenge tough decisions deciding their futures in ~ Lizard Lick.

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