In 2011, when actress LisaRaye McCoy very first began opened up publicly about her faith, she stated she struggled to know the Bible.

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But the 52-year-old, who says she is a proud Christian, called talk present host Wendy Williams the Bishop Noel Jones “helped me significantly with the Bible.”

During a Wednesday, Oct. 30 guest figure on “The Wendy Williams Show” the gossip queen request the newly crowned Queen mother of the central Region in Ghana if she was dating the Pentecostal minister of the City that Refuge Church in Gardena, CA.


Bishop Noel Jones (Photo Credit: City of Refuge)

McCoy quickly shut down any speculation, phone call the story of the pair do a love connection “an old rumor”—one the former “Single Ladies” star said never had any kind of merit in the first place.

“I called you years ago, the was never ever true then, and also it ain’t true now,” claimed the slightly agitated fashion designer whose new collection the stretchy jeans for curvaceous women hits retailers in February 2020.

Though McCoy is adamant that there is no chance of romance v the 69-year-old, she still shared kind words around the brother of iconic Jamaican-American model Grace Jones.

“He’s very handsome. He is a good preacher,” she said, including that Jones’ ministry was impactful in she life “before I discovered my church home.”

McCoy told Williams the she is a member of One Church LA where Touré Roberts is pastor and also Sarah Jakes Roberts, daughter the Bishop T.D. Jakes, is an initial lady.

“I’m there, and also I teach there,” said the former an initial lady that Turks and also Caicos. “I uncovered my house . Ns a Christian. I have been i was baptized now, so i’m trying to readjust my life because that the better.”


In 2014, McCoy was baptized in her home by her existing pastor, and at the moment, she seems an ext interested in loving Jesus than loving a man.

“But no, I’m not dating him,” McCoy restated she denial, when revealing, “He’s a an excellent friend of mine.”

McCoy was enstooled as Queen mommy of Ghana in September 2019. The honor was conferred upon her by the Paramount cook of Agona Kwanyako and the Kyidom classic Divisional the supervisory board in acknowledgment of McCoy’s humanitarian initiatives in Ghana end the years.

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“That’s really large for what i’m doing now, making use of my platform for the far better me, for developing peace and also awareness over there,” explained McCoy. “I want to carry out a tiny school over there, so ns doing a lot of educating and also stuff now.”

In Ghana, each town and town has a royal household descended indigenous the first family that worked out there. Traditionally, Queen Mothers are selected from these families, reports The Telegraph.