l>Bow Wow Responds to Lil" Romeo and also Master P.

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dearteassociazione.org.net To go | off TopicBow Wow Responds come Lil" Romeo and Master P.Bow Wow Responds to Lil" Romeo and Master P.Author: Lakerfan 4 LifePosted: 04/22 12:37 AMThe feud between Bow Wow and Lil" Romeo has actually intensified, together Bow Wow has actually responded come comments understand P made surrounding the 2 rappers" growing beef.Lil" Romeo"s father, master P, shown that the 2 rappers had actually crossed courses backstage at Nickelodeon"s Kids" selection Award show, top top April 1st.According to grasp P, Bow Wow ran in his trailer and refused to talk about tensions with Lil" Romeo.Now, Bow Wow has actually come forward to address Master P and Lil" Romeo."I can"t understand all this, but I assumption: v that"s just how it is once you ain"t obtaining no attention," Bow Wow said AllHipHop.com. "You can hear me top top the radio all day, every day. Girlfriend can"t sell no records, and also your dad is ~ above Dancing through the Stars."Lil" Romeo was reportedly offended in ~ the line on the track "Fresh Azimiz," whereby Bow Wow claimed to be making more money than an unspecified person"s father.Romeo released a diss come Bow Wow titled, "Hood Stars." grasp P likewise accused Bow Wow"s success that going to the rapper"s head."I just think Bow Wow done marketed a couple records and also got real cocky, and forgot whereby he came from," master P claimed in a ahead interview.Bow Wow dismissed master P"s allegations."The crazy component is the line that obtained them every bent outta form was an old LL line ("The perform Wop from LL Cool J"s 1987 album Bigger and Deffer). The shows exactly how much castle know around Hip-Hop."Bow Wow also countered master P"s difficulty to a Pay-Per-View boxing match between Romeo and also Bow Wow."If Romeo wanna do some actual money, come authorize with me," Bow Wow said.

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"Then, he wouldn"t need to pull this stunts "cause over there ain"t No limit over here."http://www.allhiphop.com/hiphopnews/?ID=5593Author: akk7Posted: 04/22 1:24 AM
Author: bballfan4lifePosted: 04/22 7:36 PMboth of them should just go sit under in a corner somewhere :roll:Re: Bow Wow Responds to Lil" Romeo and also Master P.Author: Divac12_NoviBeogradPosted: 04/22 8:31 PM
Lakerfan 4 Life wrote:
Lil" Romeo"s father, grasp P, evidenced that the two rappers had crossed routes backstage in ~ Nickelodeon"s Kids" an option Award show, on April 1st.
LMAOOOOOOO. Acquire the puck outta here.dearteassociazione.org.net To go | turn off Topic