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Cantina Bonuses

New Town

Requirement: 50 yellow Bricks

Overview: no to it is in outdone by its predecessor, the new LEGO city pulls the end all the stops to be simply as charming and silly.

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Okay, the an initial thing you"ll notice is that this is more or less the same city, just at a various angle. There space some remarkable changes, though. There"s water through a boat near it, a monorail, a fire truck, a church, and a basketball court, among some various other minor changes.

Loose Studs:

From the start, monitor a course of studs come the boat.On the playground (slide, swings, merry-go-round).On top of the red business station.Behind the landspeeder in the enclosure.Under the bleachers in ~ the basketball court.Inside the orange service station top top the ideal side.On the monorail. To gain on, uncover the rotator switch close to the track, then rotate it to gain the automobile all the means to the beginning. Hop from a Tauntaun top top the car and also ride it.Inside many of the dwellings that you deserve to destroy.

Basic Destruction:

All the people, womp rats, stormtroopers.All the white fences.All the green trees.All the yellow benches.All the duck in the water.Use a thermal detonator ~ above the shiny container near the merry-go-round to find the rotator switch. Placed it together. Revolve it to make the merry-go-round fly off.


Plant every the flower seeds.Force every the flower beds near your beginning point, then smash them.Assemble the 2 fans. I don"t think this go anything distinct this time.In former of the church space 18 hidden flowers the you have to walk over. Fourteen space on the best side the the church, and also the last 4 are come the left that the door.In the earlier left are four letters the spell GOLE. Look in the vault LEGO City ar if you desire to know just how to make the letters. As soon as they"re every made, have actually two pressure users correct their position.

House by House:

Lot full of trees in the earlier - Blast every the tree to do a complete house.Floataway residence - use a TD ~ above the shiny container inside to do an orange car.Force-able house near the LEGO letters - pressure away all the pieces and smash the left-over pillar. Develop the miniature house.Orange organization Station - force all the windows. Stop the two glass roofs end the garages.Red service Station - force all the windows and also glass doors. Quit the flowers and the windows on the right.Red home in the center - stop it and also its rubbish cans. Placed together the distribution truck.Black-Roofed house - Smash the to uncover a large trophy. Use the pressure on that trophy several times.Red and also Yellow home - stop the small thing. Placed together the result tractor.Blue Church - put together the steeple. Pull the lever to ring the bell. Sith pressure open the door. Drive the fire truck end to the church and Force the ladder come the wall. Grapple approximately scare far the bird.Red home in the ago Right - can only be damaged with the AT-XT.Basketball Court - Smash every the fences and the spectators. Blast the lightbulbs on the front of the light stands. Seize the sphere shooter and make a basket.


Take any type of Tauntaun and also ride it to discover studs.Grab the fire truck and follow the trail of studs.Take the AT-XT and use it to smash the red house on the ideal side.Finally, the boat in the reduced corner. Rally the components to put it together, then push it right into the water. Ride the around and collect all the studs.

So, as soon as again, explore and also destroy. There are several of the same tactics used before: bust down all the houses, Force everything can it is in Forced. The LEGO sign becomes "GOLE" in ~ first, climate you twin Force it come the right formation.

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As because that the brand-new stuff, to usage the monorail, revolve the switch under the track, climate hop off a Tauntaun ~ above the car, and also wait to ride it to the end. To use the boat, put together the parts close to it, then push it right into the water and ride the around. The fire truck requirements to it is in parked near the church so you can force the ladders as much as the steeple. There"s a basketball shooter in the court the will provide you credit transaction for making a basket.