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These space the accomplishments that you deserve to receive. Castle are detailed in the "completed quests" and also "other accomplishments" section of your "quests" section. A * shows an achievement that friend keep as soon as you Ascend.

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Council Quests

Looking because that a Larva in all the wrong PlacesYou yielded a mosquito larva to the council of Loathing. Nice work!Ooh, ns Think i Smell a Rat.You addressed the rat problem at the common Tavern. Means to go!Ooh, i Think i Smell a Bat.You have actually slain the boss Bat. Huzzah!The Goblin that Wouldn"t it is in KingYou have actually slain the Goblin King. Good job!Trial through FriarYou have actually cleansed the taint that the Deep Fat Friars. Congratulations!Cyrptic EmanationsYou"ve undefiled the Cyrpt, and also defeated the Bonerdagon. Hip, Hip, Hooray!Am ns my Trapper"s Keeper?You have learned just how to hunt Yetis native the L337 Tr4pz0r. Shazam!A Quest, LOLYou have helped the Baron Rof L"m Fao v his monster problem. W00t!The Rain ~ above the levels is mostly GarbageYou have stopped the rain of gigantic garbage in the surrounding Plains. Slick!Never weird Or EvenCongratulations, you"ve recovered the long-lost staff of Fats!Nice Work!A Pyramid SchemeThe mighty Ed the Undying has actually fallen! friend recovered the divine MacGuffin! Jolly great show, mate!Gotta worship Them AllYou"ve beat the ancient ghost of an ancient mummy of an ancient high priest and claimed his old amulet! go you!In a Manor the SpookingYou"ve defeated Lord Spookyraven and also claimed the Eye that Ed! Huzzah!Your Name and the pursuit for the holy MacGuffinYou"ve handed the divine MacGuffin over to the Council, and also enjoyed a ticker-tape parade in your honor. That search was so ridiculous, it wasn"t even funny, and now it"s over! Hooray!Make War, Not... Oh, WaitYou led the Orcish frat boys to win in the an excellent War. Because that The Horde!orYou led the filthy hippies to win in the great War. Because that Gaia!orYou began a chain of occasions that led the pirates come annihilate both the hippies and the frat boys in the great War. Toasty!The final Ultimate Epic final ConflictYou have defeated the mischievous Sorceress and also freed the King! What space you hanging around here for?Note that the last Ultimate accomplishment is always noted under "Current Quests", also after you totally free the King from his prism.

Guild Quests

Your Name and also Your present Familiar"s surname Go come White Citadel
You"ve yielded a satchel of incredibly greasy food to who you right know. Plus, you have the right to now shop in ~ White Citadel whenever you want. Awesome!My Other automobile Is make of MeatYou"ve constructed a brand-new meat vehicle from parts. Impressive!The sorcerer’s of EgoYou"ve rotate in the old book, and they claimed they didn"t want it and also for you to walk away. A little anticlimactic, however I expect it still counts as a success. Congratulations!Me and also My NemesisYou"ve successfully defeated Beelzebozo and claimed the last piece of the legendary Epic Weapon -- congratulations! currently you just have to wait for your Guild to discover out wherein your nemesis is hiding. Unfortunately, this could take a while.Since the Nemesis search is no yet complete, girlfriend can"t end up it, therefore it always shows up under "Current Quests" even after you"ve gotten as much as is at this time possible.

Miscellaneous Quests

Driven Crazy
You fetched the Untinker"s screwdriver. Nice going!Suffering for His ArtYou assisted retrieve the pride Artist"s stuff. Excellent!A Bugbear the a ProblemYou"ve assisted Mayor Zapruder that Degrassi Knoll with his spooky gravy fairy problem. Nice going!What"s Up, Doc?You found some herbs for Doc Galaktik, and he bonus you with a irreversible discount ~ above Curative Nostrums and also Fizzy invigorating Tonics. Nifty!Toot!You have actually completed your training with the Toot Oriole. Groovy!Out of her GourdYou"ve assisted out the Captain of the Gourd. Urp!Hammer TimeYou handily assisted Harold through his hammer. Hallelujah!Baker, BakerYou assisted the cotton baker prepare his cake for Claude. What a Samaritan!When Rocks AttackYou assisted out a injured Knob Goblin guard by happen him some unguent. You"re a continuous Florence Nightingale Jr.!Angry your Name, this is Azazel in Hell.

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You"ve found Azazel"s unicorn, his lollipop, and his tutu. This peek right into the nature of angry is disturbing, but the reward was gratifying. Walk you!Going PostalYou did it! You successfully returned the comic books and also were rewarded v some kind of gnomitronic gizmo. All I deserve to say is, it"d better be a damn great gizmo.I Rate, you RateCongratulations, you"re a mighty pirate! Time to male the poop deck and also sail the eleven seas!Oh, and likewise you"ve controlled to cheat your means belowdecks, i m sorry is cool.Save Uncle Crimbo!You"ve saved Uncle Crimbo! Fantastic!Uncle Crimbo is sure to give you miscellaneous cool top top Crimbo for your hard work.

Other Accomplishments

* You have actually completed her training v the Toot Oriole. * You have actually proven yourself literate. * You have completed the Most too much Haiku Challenge. * You have actually unlocked (#) tattoos. * You have earned (#) trophies. * friend have collected (#) familiars. You have actually helped safeguard the Gourd. You have actually made the Gourd completely safe. You have actually slain your Nemesis in the Cave. girlfriend have discovered the Dolphin King"s treasure. girlfriend have uncovered the cheese Lord"s treasure. you have uncovered Dr. Hobo Jones"s treasure. you have discovered the an enig of the Dungeons that Doom. Girlfriend have found the covert Temple. girlfriend have built your own Bitchin" Meat Car. You have actually planted a Beanstalk in the nearby Plains. You have slain Baron Von Ratsworth. You have actually summoned the UB3r 31337 HaX0R. girlfriend have uncovered the feet in the Sky. friend have beat the cheeky Sorceress You have actually freed King Ralph XI indigenous the Sorceress" prism. * You have actually completed (#) Hardcore ascensions. * You have picked (#) pretty flower in PvP combat. * You have spent (#) Adventures protesting the slaughter the the Knott Yetis. * You have been inoculated against the Grey Plague. * you have added (#) Meat to the Council"s build a vast Cannon fund. * girlfriend have contributed (#) Meat come the Council"s battle fund. * you have added (#) Meat come the Council"s "Buy a Pair that Yetis" fund. * you have added (#) drinks to the Council"s efforts to gain the Knott Yetis to breed. * You have actually spent (#) Adventures gazing in ~ the stars. * friend rescued Uncle Crimbo the time he was kidnapped by Linnea. * You conserved Crimbo from father Crimbo and his fairy tales Crimborg. * girlfriend delved (#) floor(s) right into the basement end your entire lifetime before NS13 to be implemented. * girlfriend donated (#) bricks to the rebuilding the Hagnk"s. Once you complete the GourdTower search for the final time, the achivement "You have actually helped safeguard the Gourd" becomes "You have actually made the Gourd fully safe". Ns have also heard human being claim the there is an achievement for training every familiars to 20 pounds, yet as far as I know this is not true. Keep in mind that trophies which have been earned yet not however purchased space not counted. The garbage achivement supplied to be simply "You have made your way to the castle in the Clouds in the Sky." There used to be an achievement "You have discovered everything there is to find in the strange Leaflet", but it was removed when the strange Leaflet to be revamped.