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Trip Summary

There are 9 day-to-day trains native Kingston to new York. Traveling by train from Kingston to brand-new York normally takes roughly 3 hours, yet some trains might arrive slightly earlier or later than scheduled.

Distance140 mi (225 km)
Fastest train3h 0m
Lowest price$53.00
Trains every day9
Most regular serviceAmtrak Northeast Regional
Train lines1

Amtrak Northeast regional is the one and only train heat which connects Kingston, Rhode Island to brand-new York, new York. However, there are 9 trains per day to pick from.

The Northeast regional is Amtrak’s passenger rail service that runs in between Boston, MA and also Virginia Beach, VA, connecting end 50 urban in the Northeast and also Mid-Atlantic regions of the joined States. If the line’s downtown-to-downtown train organization makes traveling between the biggest cities in the Northeast convenient and hassle-free, the train’s amenities do the journey comfortable and relaxing together well. Amtrak passengers have the right to enjoy huge seats v extra legroom and power outlets, as well as free WiFi and clean bathrooms. V 9 everyday train trips from Kingston to new York, the Northeast local is the busiest and also most popular among all Amtrak routes.

Our train partner have imposed several various policies to save you safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Indigenous limiting vehicle capacity to boosting cleaning protocols and also upgrading wait filters, train carriers space committed to keeping a for sure environment. For details ~ above what each firm is doing to ensure their fleet remains safe for travel, click here.

In addition, federal regulation requires every train passengers to stay a confront covering because that the entire duration of the trip. Please make certain you are wearing a challenge mask or you might not be permitted to board the train.

you re welcome visit ours COVID-19 Travel overview for an ext information on all carrier policies and the latest take trip advisories issued by every U.S. State, Canadian province, and also European country.

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The distance in between Kingston and brand-new York is approximately 140 miles, or 225 kilometers. The typical train journey between these two cities bring away 3 hours,

looking for ways to happen the time? many trains room equipped through Wi-Fi, which method you deserve to stream music, browse society media or acquire some work-related done during your ride. The said, in case your train has actually a spotty signal, or is amongst the few without Wi-Fi, we likewise recommend downloading TV shows and also movies to your mobile maker in advancement of her trip. That means the ride will fly by every little thing the Wi-Fi situation.