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Literal Comprehension:Once the king of England was quite jealous and suspicious of the prosperity that the kidnapping of Canterbury. Therefore he believed that the abbot can make a conspiracy versus his throne. The king decided to get rid of him. So he referred to as the abbot and also asked three nonsense concerns on the problem that he would behead him if that failed to answer the concerns within fifteen days. The questions were: What is the precise price/value that the king with his crown of gold on his head amongst the noblemen? How conveniently he might ride the whole civilization about? What does the king think at the moment? the made him also sad. He tried his ideal to find the price by consulting the professors visiting the university however couldn’t. Finally, his own shepherd promised that to help him. So one day, in order to answer the questions raised by the king, the shepherd changed himself together the abbot and went come the palace. One by one the answered that the worth of the king was twenty-nine pence less than the savior, because that the second he responded the it takes a totality day if he rose and also ran in the speed of sun that rotates about the earth and for the last, that responded that the king can be thinking that he was the abduction of Canterbury yet he was wrong due to the fact that he to be a simple shepherd come abbot.. Finally, the disguised shepherd i.e. The abbot exposed every the truths. The king pardoned them and also withdrew all his charges.

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Interpretation:From the moral point of view, the city is lot impressive. With the poem, the poet proves the bookish and also formal education and learning is no so lot effective and also useful to fix the useful problems. Top top the one hand, it has a great lesson that people and their expertise shouldn’t it is in judged on the soil of their profession and appearance. For this reason the text has actually taught a an excellent lesson that provides it clear that lot is learned through their day-to-day life tasks than indigenous the universities. For this reason the so-called ignorant persons in terms of obtaining formal education aren’t to it is in ignored and also evaluated.

Critical Thinking:The poem seems to be much humorous and satirical. So much it imparts the idea of human being knowledge and wisdom, that is proper but in whatever means King Abbot and the Shepherd are presented, lock don’t it seems to be ~ believable and also convincing. Due to the fact that the king fails to acknowledge the shepherd adjusted as abbot. Similarly, the shepherd is gift in such a means that doesn’t to the right him to be more than the it mocks the formal education. The is too complicated to accept.

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Assimilation:Reading this poem, ns am too lot impressed through the reality that just formal education doesn’t make civilization capable, fairly they might learn countless things indigenous the helpful experiences too. Having actually seen in mine village, I concerned know that countless old world are capable of doing miscellaneous things which various other educated males don’t know. So civilization can learn numerous things indigenous their helpful knowledge and also experience.