What Happen in between Kim Bum and also Kim So-eun?

Do you know the ever before popular drama Boys before Flowers? The most memorable thing you remember could be the love story in between Goo Joon-pyo and also Geum Jan-di, but there is another pair that had actually lovely moments in the drama. It is none various other than so Yi-jung and Chu Ga-eul, better known as the SoEul pair by fans! They verified us perfect chemistry together a cute couple who loves come have tiny fights v each other. Walk you recognize that the actors, Kim Bum and also Kim So-eun, also have a close relationship in real life? room you curious around their existing relationship? Let’s watch their moment on Boys before Flowers first!

Kim Bum and also Kim So-eun illustration on Boys prior to Flowers


In Boys prior to Flowers drama, Kim Bum acted as So Yi-jung if Kim So-eun acted together Chu Ga-eul. As you guys could have known, therefore Yi-jung is among the F4 members and Chu Ga-eul is Geum Jan-di’s finest friend. As one of the F4 members, for this reason Yi-jung has plenty of fans in the school and also made the think that Chu Ga-eul is as with his pan who’re crazy because that him. ~ above the contrary, Chu Ga-eul thought that therefore Yi-jung is simply an arrogant male who loves flirting with numerous women due to the fact that of his status as a playboy.

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But, as time goes by their view of each various other are gradually changing. Chu Ga-eul began to watch So Yi-jung in different way after he comforted her once her love is broken. Not only that, so Yi-jung additionally helped her to take it revenge on her ex-boyfriend. Meanwhile, for this reason Yi-jung started to loss in love v Chu Ga-eul since of she innocence and also her kindness.

In the drama, we could see the little fights that frequently happened between the couple because the the difference in their personality. Yet don’t girlfriend think these small fights space the ones the make castle look cute as a couple?

Are Kim Bum and Kim So-eun actually Dating?


If girlfriend are one of the fans who wished that the two of them are dating, then you have actually to acquire ready to feeling disappointed. Due to the fact that the truth is the 2 of them are not dating in actual life, but they only preserve a close partnership until now.

Not only since they acted as a couple, however they have actually a near relationship since they in reality majored in Film and Theater at Chungang college together prior to they met at Boys prior to Flowers. Thanks to the shoot of Boys prior to Flowers, they might maintain their close relationship and also got also closer than before. Because of the perfect chemistry between this couple, lock got plenty of offers to star in advertising together. Below is the video of among their commercials:

As your chemistry on display was yes, really good, the fans began to speculate the they are actually dating. There was a time as soon as a rumor around the evidence of them dating circulated about the internet. Follow to the rumor, Kim Bum and Kim So-eun wore equivalent rings, which make the fans felt sure that the 2 of them space dating. But their managements denied this rumor and said the the ring is only for filming purposes, for this reason the fans had to expropriate the disappointed again as their great was no coming true.


Even despite SoEul pair got yes, really popular and also the pan wished because that them to day in actual life, in every interview whereby they to be asked if they room dating or not, they constantly answered that they are not dating and they are simply close v each other.

Kim Bum and Kim So-eun Relationship


Even despite it’s been a long time because they finished shooting for Boys before Flowers, it turns out the they are still keeping in touch v each other. Because that example, while Kim Bum was filming That Winter, The Wind Blows, Kim So-eun texted him and also said the she enjoyed his drama. She likewise gives praises because that his acting and also the other actors as well. As she was additionally filming The horse Doctor at the time, Kim Bum responded to her post with one more text that praise and encouragement for her.

As for your love life, recently, it was revealed that Kim Bum is date actress five Yeon-seo. Meanwhile, after her partnership with actor boy Ho-joon, it seems that Kim So-eun has actually not been dating anyone again.

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So, what perform you think about this couple? perform you still hope that one day they will gain together for real? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comment section!

That’s Facts about Relationship and Dating Rumor in between Kim Bum and also Kim So-eun. I hope girlfriend get much more information around your idol and Korean entertainment. There are a many of much more information about it in Byeol Korea. So, don’t miss it! If you have some concerns or desire to include additional details please placed the comment below.