"The actual Housewives of brand-new Jersey" was the last of the four original "Housewives" franchises (via IMDb.) It offered us thousands of iconic and meme-able moments (via Bravo TV), none of i m sorry would have actually been feasible without the big "friend of" duties bestowed come the 2 Kims of the Garden State: Kim DePaola and Kim Granatell, aptly called Kim D and also Kim G (via Acast). Also though the Kims never ever earned their talking head interviews, they continue to be an integral part of the show"s origin (via Refinery 29).

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Kim G an initial arrived top top the scene in Season 2, as villain Danielle Staub"s just remaining ally. She operated with Staub come orchestrate a variety of confrontations, but her many jaw-dropping function was in ~ the yearly Brownstone Charity Fashion Show. Granatell served as the catalyst for an epos encounter between Staub and Teresa Giudice (via YouTube), steady cementing she in RHONJ history. Yet after turning on Staub in Season 3, Granatell disappeared from our television screens completely (via People). So other than occasionally popping increase in arbitrarily news outlets to trash her former co-stars (via us Weekly), what has actually the brand-new Jersey rabble-rouser to be up to?

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Kim G"s ex-husband was adamant she stop filming "Real Housewives of brand-new Jersey." However, even after quitting the display in 2011, she ex would finish up divorcing she anyway (Reality Tea). This sparked Grantell to kind an "Ex-Wives Club" for herself and also her divorcee friends. Granatell states she offered the club to "really put me top top the road ago to gift in charge of my own life" and also to "remind each other that this isn"t the end; in fact, it"s the beginning of a whole brand-new and far better life" (via Bravo TV). 

The exact same year Granatell battered the "Housewives" series, she was also attached with an i can not qualify romantic companion ... Lindsay Lohan"s estranged father, Michael Lohan (via Independent). Lohan and also Granatell were spotted smooching on a yacht. However, rumors flew that the duo to be purely together for public reasons, as they were in speak to start a reality display together (via Starcasm.) once speaking to page Six around her relationship with Lohan, Granatell said, "He"s obtained a very big heart ... He"s a an excellent guy." 

The pair publicly split not lengthy after and also Lohan went back to current ex Kate significant (via page Six). In light of Michael Lohan"s scrapes through the law, including his recent arrest in Florida, for allegedly acquiring illegal kickbacks because that referring patient to treatment centers (via NBC News), the looks prefer Kim definitely dodged a cartridge there.