Twins, quadruplets, septuplets—oh my! Look back at some of the multiples"s met end the years.

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The Kienast quintuplets—Sara, Amy, Ted, Gordon and also Abby—were 25 year old when they common their story v ~ above January 19, 1996. When their mommy Peggy Jo Kienast provided birth come them in 1970, they ended up being the 2nd known collection of quintuplets in history!

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Born top top November 19, 1997, the McCaughey septuplets room the an initial set of septuplets in history! Kenny, Alexis, Natalie, Kelsey, Nathan, Brandon and also Joel celebrated their first birthday with present Multiples" data-media="">
Brenda and Larry Furtik to be surprised once Brenda offered birth to 4 identical boys: Kevin, Jason, Keith and Victor. Doctors were also shocked due to the fact that there to be no fertility medicine involved.When the Furtik quads appeared on The present on October 5, 2000, these 10-year-old stars were well-known for their duties in national commercials and also TV shows. present Multiples" data-media="">
After struggling come conceive, Beth Goodman, a 39-year-old single woman, said she went to a sperm bank and ended up ending up being pregnant v quadruplets! Beth"s babies Luke, Casen, Barret and Laila an initial visited The show on October 4, 2004. present Multiples" data-media="">
Halfway through her pregnancy, Erin and her husband Jake were offered shocking news: A routine ultrasound found that they were having twins...and they were conjoined. After ~ a complicated pregnancy, Kendra and also Maliyah to be born, join at the pelvis and chest. They shared a large intestine, bladder, liver and solitary kidney. Then, as soon as they to be 4 years old, the girls to be separated ~ 16 hours of high-risk surgery. The twins celebrated their great news v in January 2007. show Multiples" data-media="">
In Edwards, Mississippi—population 1,300—Kenya, Deshon and Warren are known as the "Martin triplets." thanks to an motivating upbringing, this young men have actually come a long method from your humble beginnings. Not just did the martin brothers succeed—they soared. Throughout an display appearance ~ above April 10, 2007, the triplets defined how they perfect high school at the peak of your class, i graduated from regulation school and pledged to donate $1 million to their alma mater, Jackson State University. display Multiples" data-media="">
In 2001, Chris and also Diamond chose they want their son, Dewayne, to have actually a tiny brother or sister. ~ having troubles conceiving, Diamond visited a regional fertility clinic where she underwent synthetic insemination. Soon, your prayers were answered—Diamond and also Chris found out they to be expecting twins. Tiny did lock know, they were actually having six!Although the babies to be small, their birth was huge news—they are the very first set of surviving African-American sextuplets in history. The entire family checked out The present on April 10, 2007. show Multiples" data-media="">
For five seasons, millions of viewers tuned in every week to view what Jon and Kate Gosselin and their youngsters were up to. Why to be they for this reason intriguing? Jon and Kate room the parents of pair and sextuplets! In 2000, Kate provided birth to twin girls, Cara and Mady. Then, the couple decided to try for one more child. "We got a little much more than us bargained for—we obtained six more," Kate said. "We"re thought about a fertility nightmare." The Gosselins first met on march 14, 2008. display Multiples" data-media="">
Since the debut of their hit TLC truth series, tiny People, large World, Matt and Amy Roloff and their kids, Jeremy, Zach, Molly and also Jacob, have end up being one that the many well-known families in America. Pair Jeremy and also Zach are the oldest of the Roloffs" four children, but they aren"t identical. They to be born only two secs apart, however now, Zach and also Jeremy are virtually two feet personal in height. The the 4 Roloff children, Zach is the only little person."It"s fun," Zach said during a 2006 display appearance. "We go through the exact same experiences together we grow up, but we suffer various ways." show Multiples" data-media="">
Few people become millionaires at the period of 10—but then again, most world don"t start working in ~ infancy. The Olsen pair craze started when Mary-Kate and also Ashley were simply 9 month old, appearing as infant Michelle ~ above the television present Full House. At simply 7 year old, the mini-moguls co-founded Dualstar to industry their images to tweens roughly the world, and at 18, the girls took end the company, estimated to be precious millions. ~ above October 23, 2008, this world-famous twins questioned their clothing line during their display debut. present Multiples" data-media="">
The adorable infant Lily on ABC"s struggle sitcom Modern Family is in reality played by twins, Jayden and Ella. They were featured top top The show alongside the rest of the hilarious actors on September 29, 2010. present Multiples" data-media="">
On January 26, 2009, Nadya Suleman, one unemployed solitary mother of six, provided birth to eight babies in a California hospital. Likewise known together the "Octomom," Nadya is currently a busy mom with 14 children. ~ above April 20, 2010, Nadya permitted display cameras into her home for the an initial time to watch what a usual day in her life is like. display Multiples" data-media="">
They to be born right into a politics dynasty, however Barbara and also Jenna bush credited your parents with maintaining them grounded during their an initial present appearance on might 4, 2010."We"ve gained really normal parents," Jenna said. "They really instilled the vital things—family and friends and also service." show Multiples" data-media="">
In an instant, a automobile accident shattered The Cobles" lives as soon as their 3 children—Kyle, Emma and also Katie—were killed. And then, one year later, a miraculous twist of fate—Lori gave birth come triplets, Ashley, Ellie and Jake! They appeared on The display on October 25, 2010. show Multiples" data-media="">
On November 2, 2010, Latin singing sensation Ricky Martin claimed his twins, Valentino and Matteo, motivated him come tell the civilization he is a proud gay man. "I had to since I couldn"t take it anymore," that said. "But who gave me that final push was absolutely my children, since if i didn"t come the end for them, what was ns going to be teaching them? how to lie? ns don"t want my family members to be based upon lies. I desire to it is in transparent to them. I desire them to it is in proud of their dad. I want them to it is in proud that themselves, of your family." display Multiples" data-media="">
High college sweethearts Ethan and Casey Jones had actually a picture-perfect life: they married right after college, built their dream home and had a beautiful daughter called Eliot. Then, they chose to have actually one more child utilizing the same fertility treatment they offered to develop Eliot. But, the second time around, the results were a small different. Rather of one baby, castle conceived five: Brooklyn, Ryan, Jack, Britton and also Lila. The quintuplets were on The display on December 28, 2010, once they were virtually 2 year old. present Multiples" data-media="">
After years of struggling come conceive and also a heartbreaking miscarriage, Celine Dion yielded miracle pair boys, Eddy and also Nelson, top top October 23, 2010. "There"s no time left in the day for you to rest, sleep, obtain ready, watch pretty go out," Celine said. "But when you think around it, we want those youngsters so much that the doesn"t matter. ... You"re surrounded v love, and you"re busy, however in a good way." Eddy and Nelson made their TV debut top top The show on February 21, 2011. show Multiples" data-media="">
While still grieving the lose of twins who passed far at birth, Rozonno and Mia McGhee found out they to be pregnant—with sextuplets! "I can"t believe that they"re mine," Mia said. "It"s a true miracle." on February 21, 2011, 8-month-old Elijah, Josiah, Isaac, Olivia, Madison and also Rozonno Jr. Melted mind on The Show.More native the showBrowse the McGhee household photo albumSee what it"s like to raise sextuplets  Meet Celine Dion"s pair boys, Eddy and Nelson  
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