Kate add to 8 star Kate Gosselin, 45, has confronted a collection of controversies throughout her years top top TV. On the list? Her claimed plastic surgeries.

The TLC fact star — who got fame from the decade-long show about her life increasing eight kids with then-husband Jon Gosselin — has always denied the she"s had any work done other than a ship tuck. And also it take it years for her to admit also that! 

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In 2010, Gosselin showed up on The View to clean up miscellaneous rumors around her life. In ~ the time, Whoopi Goldberg asked what work-related she"d had done, to which Gosselin answered, "I"ve had a tummy tuck — we all know that." Still, she denied having gone under the knife for anything else, according to Us Weekly

Gosselin gained the stomach procedure excellent in 2006 after offering birth to her twins and her sextuplets, reported The Hollywood Gossip. She even had a Twitter exchange through a fan afterwards. "Get v the first two weeks of pain and also yuck," Gosselin tweeted, according to the outlet. "It"ll it is in the finest decision you"ve ever before made! How"s that?;)."

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During her 2010 appearance on The View, Kate Gosselin insisted she"s never had actually plastic surgery on her breasts. "Why is it so fascinating? I gained a an excellent bra!" she said, according to Us Weekly. However, a source close come her claimed to the outlet the she did have actually a breast enhancement surgery in in march 2009.

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When asked if she"s ever before had Botox, Gosselin told The View ladies, "Absolutely not." but an insider told the magazine she had actually a botched Botox job around her brows — and experts agreed. NYC doctor Steven Pearlman told Us Weekly, "The facility of her eyebrows space dropped and spread, i beg your pardon can take place from Botox treatment of the forehead frown lines."

While Gosselin stands by her cases that she beauty is au naturel, she understands why human being think she looks younger 보다 ever. "I think when the world met me ns was 3 days article having sextuplets, therefore the only location you can acquire from that suggest is younger... You males saw me at my worst first, and also then I just kind that reversed in front of your eyes," she claimed at an E! News event in 2015. She also told Andy Cohen in 2012, "I am most likely one the the rare few who de-age," according to HuffPost

So, is Gosselin hiding details about her plastic surgical treatment journey? The reality star appears pretty adamant in her denial.