The husband the gospel singer Karen Clark Sheard of The Clark sisters was elected on Saturday by the COGIC general Assembly, the denomination announced.

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Bishop J. Attracted Sheard that Detroit has actually been chosen as the new presiding bishop of the Church that God in Christ. Image by Stephen Savage, courtesy that COGIC

(RNS) — A Detroit bishop that the Church that God in Christ has actually been named the new presiding bishop of the nation’s largest historically black Pentecostal denomination.

Bishop J. Attracted Sheard, the husband of gospel singer Karen Clark Sheard that The Clark Sisters, was elected on Saturday (March 20) by the COGIC basic Assembly, the denomination announced.

“To be elected to offer as the Presiding Bishop because that the Church in which ns was born, raised, and also have learned and served every my life, is a dream and also desire that deserve to only be fulfilled through God’s loving grace and guidance,” Sheard, the prelate the COGIC’s Michigan North central Jurisdiction, said in a statement.

Sheard, 62, succeeds Bishop Charles E. Blake Sr., that announced in October he would not seek one more term as COGIC presiding bishop ~ serving for 13 years.

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“The opportunity to offer such an extraordinary organization at our highest recognized level the priesthood is past humbling,” Sheard added. “With complete excitement and also joy, ns look front to serving the Lord’s people.”

A previous math teacher, Sheard is the senior pastor the the greater Emmanuel Institutional Church of God in Christ, wherein he has served due to the fact that 1988. His dad was additionally a bishop.

Sheard, who was chosen by COGIC’s legislative branch body, was previously the chairman of the denomination’s assistant In ns Convention and also the president of its worldwide Youth Department.

He has chosen Bishop Jerry W. Macklin that California and Bishop Lawrence M. Wooten Sr. The Missouri to be first and 2nd assistant presiding bishops, respectively. The installations that the brand-new presiding bishop, basic board and general officers will be held at a later on date.

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The Church that God in Christ, which has actually its headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee, was founded in 1907. Numerous members attend some 10,000 church in more than 112 countries.

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