Did Juval Aviv effectively predict upcoming terrorist attacks versus the U.K. And also the U.S.?

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Claim: Juval Aviv effectively predicted upcoming terror attacks against the U.K. And also the U.S.

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FROM THE C.O. Of MOSSAD / you re welcome READ

A main ago, I was able to attend a dinner with Juval Aviv – the Israeli Agent who the movie “Munich” to be about… He to be Golda Meir’s bodyguard and she appointed the to monitor down and also bring to justice the Palestinian terrorists that took the Israeli athletes hostage and killed them throughout the Munich Olympic Games. This evening he shared details that EVERY American needs to know but our federal government has no shared. His bio is below, his book is “Staying Safe” and I indicate you buy and read it.

First, i am going come share what he debated in regard come the bush Administration, 9/11 and also Iraq and then I will certainly share his predictions for the next strike on the U.S. (and that predicted the London subway bombing on the invoice O’Reilly show on Fox News stating publicly the it would take place within a week – O’Reilly laughed and mocked the saying the in a week he want him back on the show and also unfortunately, within a week the terrorist assault occured).

Juval Aviv provided intelligence (via what he had actually gathered in Israel and also the center East) to the shrub Administration around 9/11 a month before it occured. His report specifically said they would usage planes asbombs and target high profile buildings and also monuments. The administration ridiculed him and refused to respond (Congress has due to the fact that hired him as a protection consultant – yet still the administration does not listen come him). Within a month 9/11 occured.

He no agree v going right into Iraq – said it no make feeling if we want terrorists responsible because that 9/11 (and additionally he trust in Golda Meir’s approach which

was to bring justice come the terrorists yet do no take under civilians – death civilians just creates an ext terrorists – but comparable to Bush, Israel’s subsequent leaders were not as insightful together Golda Meir) – however, as soon as we did decision to attack Iraq we should have actually learned indigenous Israel’s past mistakes. He an extremely articulately declared that Israel’s best mistake versus their battle on terror was to attack the West Bank and Gaza and stay there… He said they should have done the proven anti-terrorist strategy which was “Hit and Leave” instead of “Hit and Stay.” currently we are stuck in Iraq and also it is worse than Vietnam – Iraq is the U.S.’s West Bank/Gaza . He no think we will ever have the ability to truly leave since even when we room able to pull our troops earlier we will certainly still need to go back regularly which will store us quagmired. We should have actually hit hard and also left instantly – or actually, us shouldn’t have gone in at all…

Now because that the scary stuff…. The predicts the next attack on the U.S. Is coming within the next couple of months. Forget hijacking airplanes because he says terrorists will certainly NEVER try and hijack a airplane again together the civilization on the airplane will no go down quietly. Aviv believes our airport defense is a joke- we room beingreactionary versus looking at strategies that room effective.

1) Our makers are outdated. They look for metal and also the new explosives room made of plastic

2) that talked about how some idiot do the efforts to light his shoes on fire – we now need to take off our shoes, a group of idiots make the efforts to bring aboard fluid explosives – currently we can’t carry liquids ~ above board. He is wait for some suicidal maniac to pour fluid explosive on your underwear and also light increase in a aircraft or in the terminal and also then we will certainly all have to travel naked!

3) us only emphasis on protection when civilization are heading to the gates, he states that if a terrorist assault targets airports in the future, they will certainly target busy times and also on the front end when human being are check in. It would certainly be straightforward for who to take 2 suitcases of explosives, walk up to a liven check-in line, asking a human being next come them to watch their bags because that a minute if they operation to the hygiene or obtain a drink (and I have done that for people myself) and also then detonate the bags prior to security also gets involved. Israel checks bags prior to people can enter the airport.

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Now, back to his predictions: He says the next attack will come in the next few months and will involve suicide bombers and non-suicide bombers in places that people congregate: Disneyland, las Vegas, huge Cities (NY, SFO, Chicago, etc…) and also there it will certainly be shopping malls, subways in rush hour, train stations, casinos, etc.. And rural America (Wyoming, Montana, etc…). The attack will it is in simultaneous detonations roughly the country (they like huge impact) 5-8 cities consisting of rural areas. Castle won’t have to use self-destruction bombers due to the fact that at largely inhabited places choose the MGM cool in vegas – they can simply valet park!

He claims this is renowned in knowledge circles however our federal government does not desire to alarm Americans. However, he also said that bush will assault Iran and Syria prior to he leaves office (we are being prepared for that! and I need to wonder if we room not hearing about this impending attack so America will assistance attacking Iran and also Syria ?). In addition, because we don’t have sufficient troops bush will most likely use small, strategic nuclear weapons regardless the the headlines the following day will check out “US Nukes Islamic World” and also the people will it is in a various place to such an degree that global warming will certainly be irrevelent.