After year of pursuit and a countless number of murders, Langston come face-to-face through serial killer Nate Haskell inside the home where his killing main actor began, top top the eleventh season finale.

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This is the 250th episode of CSI. In it, Langston becomes an ext determined than ever to track under Nake Haskell.


Nate Haskell, the notorious "Dick & Jane" killer, resurfaces once he e-mails a disturbing video to the dad of among his brides, threaten to take her life.


It"s the return the Melinda Clarke. This actress reprises her role of Lady heather on this CSI episode.


A wire of fatality takes over CSI this week. Has the team run across the bike of homicide, a suicide, one accidental and also a natural death all in one night?


An ex-cop is murdered in jail this week. The CSI team looks into the case and stumbles top top an amazing clue.

Zombie alert! Zombie alert! ~ above this episode of CSI, 2 men initially pronounced dead in which method come back to life.

Langston"s mam pays a surprise visit come CSI this week. The personality is played by Tracee Ellis Ross.

Marlee Matlin guest stars this week as Grissom"s ex, when Phyllis Frelich come on board together his mother. The episode"s examination centers top top the death of the director of a scholarship foundation.

Dita Von Teese provides her an initial appearance top top CSI this week. She plays a school teacher and forensics enthusiast that gets asked the end by Nick.

Carot top guest starred on the very first CSI episode of 2011. Read on because that a in-depth rundown that "Man Up."

The team sets the end to track down a pedophile this week. The male is doubt of killing a FBI agent"s wife and additionally of kidnapping his children.

The unit do the efforts to recognize whether or not a man"s fall off a balcony was self-destruction or murder. Such a inquiry makes because that an interesting case on "Wild Life."

Detective Reed joins Langston and Stokes this week together they inspection the murder of two men. The victims were set to suspicion a company of poisoning the drinking water the a agriculture town.

The team discovers shredded stays of a guy this week. Together a result, members discover themselves with miscellaneous suspects and also must identify the true culprit.

Welcome come CSI, Katee Sackhoff! that actress debuted this week together a brand-new detective, Frankie Reed. She assists the CSI team.

The CSI team looks right into a killing at the house of Marta, someone considered a "level 5 hoarder" top top this episode. Her residence contains an ext than simply possessions: there"s much more than one corpse.

Ann-Margaret guest stars ~ above this illustration of CSI. She dram a Vegas icon who is targeted by a serial killer.

CSI join in ~ above the vampire craze this week. On the illustration "Blood Moon," significant violence division out throughout a convention.

Catherine and Sara look into the death of a woman eliminated in a las Vegas swimming pool on this episode. Check out on for a comprehensive recap that where things go native there.

Justin Bieber helped welcome pan to season 11 the CSI. That guest-starred top top this episode, i beg your pardon we"ve detailed a complete recap of.

CSI Season 11 Quotes

Haskell: I want Ray to live a lengthy time for this reason he think of me every time the unzips his pantsBrass: Yeah, he will certainly remember what a putz you are.

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Added: September 24, 2010

Brass: You know what this switch does.Ray: Morphine clouds mine thinking.

Added: September 24, 2010

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