The daughter the Minder star Dennis Waterman has hit out at storiesthat he was a drunken wife-beater. Actress Hannah Waterman was ravaged when flame-haired RulaLenska stated his violence drove she to finish their 10-year marriage. Hannah was only six when Dennis walked the end on she mum, actressPatricia Maynard, to live v Rula, currently 49. And also even despite the 50-year-old Cockney actor later admitted tolashing out at Rula, Hannah said: "I felt noble and really angry whenI review those stories since that"s no Dad, that"s not whathe"s about. "He"s always been the kindest, many loving that fathers. Iwas so uncomfortable I immediately talked come Mum and also my younger sister Juliaabout it. "Mum was really hurt too and also the three of us decided that sheshould it is in the one to speak out around it. "So she collection the record straight in a letter come a newspaper andstressed the although Mum and Dad had a volatile relationship, that wasnever violent. "What happened in between Rula and also Dad is their company but Icouldn"t permit Dad it is in vilified in public like that." Hannah, who renders her screen debut tomorrow night in the new BBC collection of Dangerfield, likewise told exactly how she waited in vain for she dad topatch up his marriage. She said: "With Minder and, earlier, in The Sweeney, the wasaway filming a lot. He"d leaving at 7.30 in the morning and get backafter 10 the night. "I gained to check out him at weekends but when he and also Mum split up ourtime together appeared smaller and smaller.

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"Mum sat through me and also Julia and also I and explained that, no matterwhat, us were still love equally by both parents and also that"s all wehad to issue about. "It was hard for me come understand and there were lots oftears. I"d wait night after night for him come come home becausenaturally i loved him and wanted come be through him. "I acquired used to it in the end. Fortunately, it didn"taffect our partnership in the long term because Mum made sure I gained tosee him." Incredibly, college graduate Hannah hid she ambition to be anactress from both her parents. "They recognize the industry and also how fickle it deserve to be so i wasnervous around telling lock the truth," she added. "I told castle I wanted to be a decided therapist butcouldn"t store up the pretence. Then I said I want to be adirector and, due to the fact that they liked that, I ultimately came clean. "But castle urged me to gain a level behind me first. Castle werealways protective and never permit me watch Minder together a kid since it wastoo violent. "I remember how shocked Dad was as soon as eight-year-old kids usedto come up to him in the street and also say, `All appropriate Terry. Witnessed you ontelly critical night". "He"d be saying, `Why weren"t you in bed? It was onat nine o"clock at night"." Hannah met her friend Phillip, an assistant cameraman, a yearago once she saw the collection of a new BBC drama The Locksmith. That said: "Phillip was marking up the studio floor v sometape because that a scene as soon as he pinched mine foot and winked in ~ me. "He looked gorgeous but I figured he should do the to every thegirls. Yet then I discovered that he quite fancied me and that"swhy he"d done it. Our feelings because that each other simply grew. "We get on brilliantly and also two months ago decided to livetogether in this lovely ar in Warwickshire. However we don"t arrangement tomarry - no yet anyway! "He"s very supportive because, choose Mum and also Dad, the knowsthe industry inside out. "Dad adores him yet the just thing castle argue around isfootball.

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Dad is mad on Chelsea and Phillip support Arsenal. "I acquire stuck in the middle of your jokey spats and also it"sa nightmare if ns side with among them."
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DI and also DODI CRASH HORROR: all SHE wanted WAS real LOVE.

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