Thanks to #FlashbackFridays, Cindy Crawford just reminded united state of her iconic illustration in Bon Jovi"s 1994 music video for Please be home for Christmas. It"s probably one of the best Christmas specials of every time, and we"re happy Cindy dug she archives for this retro behind the scenes photo.

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just look at exactly how gorgeous lock both look at here, through their sexy smiles and shiny hair totally stealing the shot. But apart from your undeniable chemistry onscreen, how close space they in genuine life?

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The Steamy Christmas Music Video

The music video clip was just one that Bon Jovi"s many charitable efforts to help the needy. Cindy Crawford happily partnered v him and Best Buddies, a non-profit company for human being with developmental disabilities. From the standpoint, it"s simply two celebrities, joining forces for a cause.


However, at that time, people didn"t even pay fist to the music video"s purpose. Anyone was recorded up in the rumors the the 2 were having an affair. First, they were all over each other in that music video, and they certain looked good.

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Behind The scenes Of The Music Video

The date rumors weren"t only based on how hot the music video was. Native got about that the 2 were likewise smooching off-camera. That wasn"t a pair to be shipped, though. At that time, both stars to be married.

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Cindy Crawford was still married come Richard Gere whom she obtained divorced indigenous a year later while Bon Jovi has been married come Dorothea Hurley since 1989. Over there weren"t big rumors of an affair, however people couldn"t aid but make speculations. It to be all probably just a part of hyping the music video, however it got people thinking, because that sure.


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What"s their Relationship choose Today?

The fact is, Bon Jovi"s mam was in reality on the collection of Please it is in Home for Christmas" music video. She to be pregnant v their kid Jesse and also instantly became friends with Cindy. The supermodel would even joke about borrowing she husband throughout takes. The three have actually been an excellent friends because that years since. They have plenty of mutual friends and also share charitable connections. Entirely platonic.

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