The official scholastic colors for Johns Hopkins to be taken indigenous the heraldic shield that the Lords Baltimore, which are black and old gold. Due to the fact that old gold is one orange-gold shade, the athletic uniforms that Johns Hopkins in the so late 19th century were frequently indistinguishable native the black and orange colors of Princeton, for this reason dark blue and also black started to be provided for the athletic uniforms that Johns Hopkins at the time. The academic colors that the university have actually remained black and old gold.

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Citations in the World Almanac (listed by sheathe date; color information is native the vault year): black/blue (1895); dark blue/black (1896); black/old gold (1897-1912); black/blue (1913); black/old gold (1914-1931); old gold/sable (1934-1935)

A 1902 lithograph through the Intercollegiate office of academic Costume illustrating the black and old gold lining that a physician of medicine hood from Johns Hopkins University.
A c.1909-1911 tobacco map by Murad Cigarettes. The Johns Hopkins pennant is in the academic colors of the university, not the strong colors.

In 1895 Johns Hopkins University ended up being one of the first institutions to take on the brand-new Intercollegiate password of academic Costume, according to the 1896 execution of the living Church Quarterly (published in December 1895).

A reporter covering start ceremonies at the university of Chicago because that the Indianapolis News (9 July 1896) described the hood lining the a professor from Johns Hopkins as having actually the “oriole colors” the “gold and also black, the gold being in the shape of a V chevron on a lining the black.”

The first definitive description of the hood assigned come Johns Hopkins remained in an Intercollegiate office of academic Costume (IBAC) list in the 27 July 1902 edition of The Argus, an Albany NY newspaper, which included a perform of IBAC hood lining fads that had actually been assigned to some of the more prestigious colleges and also universities of the time. Here Johns Hopkins was claimed to have actually a hood inside wall black through a yellow chevron. Every other contemporary sources favor the World Almanac correctly explained the institution colors the Johns Hopkins to it is in black and old gold, so the IBAC assignment has been corrected here. (See the citation for Colorado College for a comparable hood design that was likewise assigned the incorrect the shade of gold.)

A medical professional of philosophy hood from Johns Hopkins university in the college of william & mary archives. This hood dates from the 1897-1928 period.
A picture of a doctor of Public health hood indigenous Johns Hopkins college in the 16 October 1950 problem of Life magazine. The firm that made the hood is no identified, however the chevron is excessively wide..

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A 1966 doctor of medication hood native Johns Hopkins university in the college of wilhelm & mar archives.