The novel’s protagonist, the twelve-year-old English boy that is chosen leader the the group of guys marooned on the island. Ralph do the efforts to name: coordinates the boys’ initiatives to build a miniature human being on the island till they can be rescued. Ralph represents human being beings’ civilizing instinct, as opposed to the savage instinct the Jack embodies.

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The novel’s antagonist, one of the older boys stranded on the island. Jack becomes the leader of the hunters but longs for full power and also becomes significantly wild, barbaric, and cruel together the novel progresses. Jack, adept at manipulating the various other boys, to represent the instinct that savagery within human beings, as opposed to the civilizing instinct Ralph represents.

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A shy, sensitive boy in the group. Simon, in some means the only naturally “good” personality on the island, behaves kindly toward the younger boys and also is ready to work-related for the an excellent of their community. Moreover, since his motivation is rooted in his deep emotion of connectedness come nature, Simon is the only character whose sense of morality does not seem to have actually been implemented by society. Simon to represent a type of herbal goodness, as opposed come the unbridled angry of Jack and also the enforced morality of civilization represented by Ralph and Piggy.

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Ralph’s “lieutenant.” A whiny, intellectual boy, Piggy’s inventiveness typically leads come innovation, such together the makeshift sundial the the boys use to phone call time.Piggy represents the scientific, rational side ofcivilization.

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Jack’s “lieutenant.” A sadistic, devilish older boy that brutalizes the littluns and also eventually murders Piggy by rolling a boulder onto him.

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Sam and Eric

A pair that twins very closely allied v Ralph. Sam and also Eric are constantly together, and the various other boys frequently treat them as a solitary entity, calling them “Samneric.” The quickly excitable Sam and Eric are component of the team known together the “bigguns.” in ~ the end of the novel, they loss victim come Jack’s manipulation and coercion.

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The lord of the Flies

The name given to the sow’s head that Jack’s corridor impales ~ above a stake and also erects in the woodland as an providing to the “beast.” The lord of the Flies pertains to symbolize the primordial instincts of power and also cruelty that take control of Jack’s tribe.