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Mostly this will be the delivery of information.I walk it because that the very first time yesterday. I"m an intermediate, and also it wasn"t sufficient for me because that a solid workout, yet it IS aimed at beginners and also low intermediates, for this reason that"s perfect understandable.The moves throughout the workout perform NOT follow the music at all, for this reason those who prefer to occupational to the beat might be bothered by this.Another (very minor, in mine opinion) problem is that the chapters on the DVD don"t seem to match any kind of particular part of the workout.That"s all ns really want to say, yet here is info that civilization seeking reviews can find useful.Description from video coverCardio Kickbox (the 3rd in a collection of 5 Jillian Michaels DVDs), is a high-energy aerobic practice designed to keep you moving and rise your fat-burning capabilities while in ~ the same time giving your muscle a day turn off from weight-training. Jillian proposal doing Cardio Kickbox once a week, in the middle of the week, to break up your constant exercise program. This program is to get out there and also have some fun, one dkeep your body moving.This DVD is pack with methods to aid take the off and also keep the off, consisting of Diet and also Exercise Tracking Logs, Nutrition Tips, Recipes add to a special Workout post from *Fitness RX Magazine and also a Behind the Scenes picture Gallery!Chapters<1> (1:59) begin of Intro<2> (3:43)<3> (4:37)<4> (4:14)<5> (4:41)<6> (5:11)<7> (3:51)<8> (1:03) CreditsBreakdown of the workout(2:39) Intro, consisting of workout intro the backgrounders.(21:15) Workout_____(3:04) group One (warmup?)__________(1:33) round One_______________(0:31) alternative side squats, x10 ea. Side_______________(0:20) alternating front kicks, x10 ea. Side_______________(0:17) Plie hops, x20_______________(0:25) alternative front directly leg raises__________(1:31) round Two_______________(0:26) alternative side squats, x10 ea. Side_______________(0:23) alternate front kicks, x10 ea. Side_______________(0:17) Plie hops, x20_______________(0:25) alternating front directly leg raises_____(10:01) group Two__________(5:20) round One_______________(0:29) run rope x30_______________(0:42) Squat + roundhouse kick, x10 ea. Side_______________(0:30) Squat + alternate front jabs, x15 ea. Side_______________(0:22) side knee pulls, x10 ea side_______________(0:25) Jumping jacks x30_______________(0:35) rear lunge + former kick, x10 ea. Side_______________(0:27) Squat + alternative front jabs, x15 ea. Side_______________(0:25) former knee pull, x10 ea. Side_______________(0:24) jump rope x10_______________(0:22) Alternating earlier kick, x10 ea. Side_______________(0:24) Squat + alternate front jabs, x15 ea. Side_______________(0:15) alternative knee come elbow, x5 ea. Side__________(4:41) round Two_______________(0:22) jump rope x30_______________(0:36) Squat + roundhouse kick, x10 ea. Side_______________(0:21) Squat + alternating front jabs, x15 ea. Side_______________(0:21) side knee pulls, x10 ea side_______________(0:26) Jumping jacks x30_______________(0:35) behind lunge + front kick, x10 ea. Side_______________(0:23) Squat + alternating front jabs, x15 ea. Side_______________(0:22) prior knee pull, x10 ea. Side_______________(0:24) jump rope x10_______________(0:13) Alternating earlier kick, x10 ea. Side_______________(0:25) Squat + alternative front jabs, x15 ea. Side_______________(0:13) alternative knee to elbow, x5 ea. Side_____(6:35) team Three__________(3:18) ring One_______________(0:32) fast feet, x30 sec_______________(0:30) side leg raise, x10 ea. Side_______________(0:27) Squat + alternating high top cut, x15 ea. Side_______________(026) Jumping jacks, x30_______________(0:37) Side kick + squat, x10 ea. Side_______________(0:20) Squat + alternate high upper cut, x15 ea. Side_______________(0:26) alternate front absent + ago kick, x5 ea. Side__________(3:17) round Two_______________(0:36) fast feet, x30 sec_______________(0:40) side leg raise, x10 ea. Side_______________(0:19) Squat + alternating high top cut, x15 ea. Side_______________(0:25) Jumping jacks, x30_______________(0:39) Side absent + squat, x10 ea. Side_______________(0:17) Squat + alternative high top cut, x15 ea. Side_______________(0:21) alternate front kick + back kick, x5 ea. Side_____(1:35) Extra__________(0:53) run rope x30__________(0:24) Jumping jacks x30__________(0:18) Pushups x 10(3:07) Stretch

Instructor Comments: I"m neutral about Jillian - neither a fan, nor bothered in details by her style. Ns did notification that she hitched her pants up about 6 time throughout, however that didn"t erk me, I just noticed it.

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go this because that the an initial time this AM. Rather have described it well and it was pretty lot what i expected. It"s quick and also "simple", as in no choreography, cardio. For punches there to be jabs and also upper-cuts yet no hooks, therefore I"ll be adding those in next time. She go 1 or 2 standing abdominal exercises but only 10 reps per side. This doesn"t need a many of room and offers no equipment. Ns think I"d obtain bored doing it often and also can imagine that as I carry out it an ext I"ll substitute one move for one more since it"s so straightforward to. Although ns think it"s a great early morning practice or for days as soon as no reasoning is possible. I agree with an intermediate rating. Jillian being goofy didn"t bother me at all. She did many of the exercises which ns liked.


This is a 20+ minute cardio kickboxing exercise led through Jillian w/ 6 lift exercisers (3 male, 3 female) in a pretty gym feather room. The set looks very comparable to George Foremans collection in his go w/o"s. You wont need any kind of props for this workout.After a nice energetic warmup friend move into a an easy kickboxing workout-nothing fancy, quite straightforward and athletic but not boring or too recurring IMO. She does many moves in to adjust of 10, climate moves onto the next move. You will watch speedbag, shuffle, next kicks, roundhouse, prior & ago kicks, jabs, upper cuts, cross, jumping jacks, quick feet, and also other "athletic" kick/boxing kind cardio moves.Jillian is a little giggly in this one, choose shes trying to tone down her "tough guy" persona-but it no really occupational on her. Its no that bad, but it just isnt "her" IMO. She walk still try to act hard w/ the elevator exercisers top top occasion.I to buy this dvd after having actually done her newer workouts (30 DS, BFBM, NMTZ) and also was a little disappointed-while the a good workout-the intensity was nowhere close to the same as her more recent workouts. Having said that-its a great little straightforward kickboxing workout. Ns would price this workout a lower intermediate workout. That perfect to tack onto a tough cardio workout or to usage on a irradiate day. Ns wore weighted gloves and still wasnt real challenged by it.

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I chosen this video clip much an ext than I thought I would! i was a small leery ~ hearing just how "giggly" she was but I didn"t discover her to really be that "giggly" below (no more than in her various other videos). It is only about 20 minutes of yes, really workout, however it"s a lively tiny workout and great for an add-on because that intermediate/advanced exercisers. The kickboxing is drill-style--30 reps of this, 10 reps the that. Friend regularly execute 30 to adjust of punches (or high uppercuts) in a horse stance, sandwhiched in between other drills prefer squat prior kicks (not truly deep quats), "sumo squat" roundhouses, sidekicks, front-back kicks and an easy aerobic moves like jacks, fast feet and knee raises.If you liked drill-style, no frills workouts choose Tae to the right or P90X"s Kenpo, this could fit the 20-minute bill. I favor the variety of young however non-glamorous elevator exercisers (shades of P90X) and also the brightly lit however not sophisticated gym setting. Jillian wears a red bra and also low-slung (but no obnoxiously so, IMO) sweatpants reduced off below the knees. One girl does beginner modifications. Jillian certainly screams and giggles a bit yet I didn"t uncover it distracting or annoying.

Instructor Comments: Jillian is cute, competent and charismatic, and also after doing she Maximize and also Shape increase videos, I"m acquiring used to her style. She"s kinda farming on me. I still think there"s a little bit of the "tough girl" TV persona through the yelling in ~ exercisers (in a faux-tough way) but nevertheless she is engaging and also comes throughout as sincere in she motivational "yelling" come me. In this particular video, i was no impressed through her kickboxing kind on a many the kicks.