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 Hymns & songs Liturgy Themed dearteassociazione.orgllections Blog events Shop house » Hymns & song » seated on a donkey, Jesus pertained to townSeated ~ above a donkey, Jesus pertained to townWords: Michael SawardBible ReferencesMatthew 21:1-16Mark 11:1-11Luke 19:28-40ThemesdonkeyHosannaJerusalem, city, BibleMessiah, BibleMount that OlivesPalm Sundaypalmspriest, Christprophetson of DavidTemple, holy bible Seated top top a donkey, Jesus concerned town;entering the city, king without a crown."Who is this; who dearteassociazione.orgmes thus?" was the prevalent cry;dearteassociazione.orguntered through the affirmation, "Glory native on high!" sit on a donkey, Jesus concerned town; beginning the city, king there is no a crown.Near the mount of Olives was a donkey"s foal,Jesus sat upon that , knowing well his role;while the ass, unbroken, calmly let him ride,over cloaks and palm-tree branches, through the dearteassociazione.orguntry side. Sit on a donkey...Followers that Jesus shouted through delight"Praise the son of David, praise him in the height;dearteassociazione.orgming in the Lord"s name is ours mighty king.Glory in the greatest heaven, glory let united state sing!" sit on a donkey..."Who is this? We"re puzzled," request the city"s horde;"Jesus, he"s the prophet whom we call "the Lord,"Nazareth, his residence town, increase in Galilee;Shout "Hosannah in the highest," he"s no Pharisee." seated on a donkey...Then, right into the Temple, strode the tenderness king;there, in ~ the precincts, healed the suffering.Racketeers, false traders, these he banished fast,while the scribes and also priests and also leaders gazed ~ above him, aghast. Seated on a donkey...Finally lock pleaded "Stop her chanting crew;blasphemy lock utter, once they speak the you."Jesus looked top top them, fighting earlier his tears."Why carry out you no listen come them. Still friend close her ears." seated on a donkey... Then at critical he warned them; "if these to be to ceaseoffering their homage come the prince the peace;should they now by silent, stifling your praise,all the stones would certainly cry the end loudly and their voices raise." sit on a donkey...We recall, v gladness, that impressive scene,when the world"s Messiah; Christ, the Nazarene,came come Salem"s city; ar of high renown;prophet, priest, and also king almighty; to get his crown. Seated on a donkey, Jesus went that way. Glory and also Hosannah ~ above this holy day.Michael Saward (b. 1932) &dearteassociazione.orgpy; Michael Saward / admin. The dearteassociazione.org team 11 11 11 13 refrain 11 11 Hymns & song Liturgy Themed dearteassociazione.orgllections Blog occasions Shop all dearteassociazione.orgntent &dearteassociazione.orgpy; 2021 dearteassociazione.orginfo